Saturday, 23 May 2009


Hello again folks! Greetings on this Saturday sabbath to your good selves! One year ago today I was living and breathing the air of Jerusalem. Yesterday I posted a blog entitled: HERE COMES BIG BROTHER! And hot on the heels of that article comes something equally sinister concerning True Christians and the plans of the Illuminati/NWO for those folks who won't bend the knee to Baal [antichrist]. Before I go any further; please take a look at this article fron and yesterdays message:
This is the story: A pastor in downtown San Diego pastor and his wife are claiming that they have been interrogated by a county official and warned that they will face increasing fines if they continue to hold Bible studies in their home! Can you believe this? You should. OK; it is only [at the moment] happening in California [as far as we know]. But it may well be a guinea pig project; a test run to gauge reaction and watch the consequences. Until the next time. The days in which we have the freedom to do these kind of God-honouring activities are drawing to a close folks.
I say this as someone who has held church and Bible studies in his home [those were the days of Living Waters Christian Fellowship] many times over the last few years. Big Brother is indeed flexing his muscles. It seems to me that a major shift and step change is taking place. Instead of our governments serving us; it is being turned the other way around. They want to know where we go; who we talk to; who we listen to; who we email; who we blog and what we do in our own private premises. Mass monitoring and mind control is what the Book of Revelation suggests in the days ahead; as well as mass idolatry and worship of the 'world system' that is being constructed ready for antichrist.
A matrix of cameras linked to a single database. A requirement for a permit to host like-minded friends in your own home. What next? Let's try not to be surprised at developments. One sign of the 'last days' is deception. Jesus warns about deception and deceipt four [4] times as much as any other 'sign of the times' in His Olivet Discourse [Matthew 24-25]. And for good reason. Many things are going to presented to us in the name of 'technological advance'. True Christians literally need to "be alert". That is why each and every one of us needs to be a Berean. That is why watchmen must warn and folks must heed any warnings. And it is why evangelists need to compel folks out in the by-ways and highways to come into the Kingdom. There is an argument that all True believers should be evangelists; but there are folks called to be and gifted to be evangelists too. Time is short. Thank you for reading this message.
God bless you and God bless Israel ... Keith J Sinclair ... 23-May-2009

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