Monday, 25 May 2009


Hello again folks! I wanted to also draw your attention today to what's been going down in the upper echelons of society in New York lately. Please take a look at this article from WorldNetDaily:
I've lost count of the number of times that I've mentioned the NWO/Illuminati/New Age desire to see a dramatic cut in the population of the world from nearly seven [7] billion down to 500,000,000 [half a billion in other words]. That the latest and the greatest are meeting together to gain a consensus using this issue should not be a surprise. And it isn't to this writer. The judgements of God that are coming upon the earth in the last days will reduce the world's numbers. But the plots of the prince of this present darkness and his human stooges are no surprise to our LORD. Look at it this way folks: We have the final league table. The LORD is the Eternal Champion - He has already won - we just don't have all the results in yet! May I suggest that you get a hold of these two [2] books that I have read; should you wish to investigate this subject matter further:
"Brotherhood of Darkness" by Dr. Stanley Monteith
If the establishment news media leave you feeling like you've only heard part of the story, if you've ever wondered why groups like the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderbergers – groups whose members are obviously powerful with connections to wealth and political influence – are never the subject of the evening news, then you need to read "Brotherhood of Darkness." The story in this book is incredible but true. It is about secret societies, how they have directed the course of civilization, and how they influence your life today. The average person doesn't realize they exist because their minds have been conditioned to reject any thought of such organizations. In this book, Dr. Monteith reveals the amazing facts he discovered in his nearly 40 years of research. He reveals the identity of the mysterious forces behind the men who rule the world, and why some of our leaders have dedicated their lives to destroying our nation. After reading "Brotherhood of Darkness" you will never look at the world the same way again.
Published by Hearthstone; 01-Sep-2000; Paperback; 144 pages; Language: English; ISBN-10: 1575580632; ISBN-13: 978-1575580630
"Hope Of The Wicked: The Master Plan To Rule The World" by Ted Flynn
This book will open your eyes to the greatest deception in modern history. It explores the convergence on a global basis of multinational corporations, foundations and the political and sociological instruments of a one-world government to bring about a New World Order. The book is 550 pages with 82 photographs and 1,200 footnotes, with a strong historical basis to show that there is a global elite working to end the sovereignty of nations, to place all under the United Nations.
Published by Maxkol Institute; 24-May-2000; Paperback; 550 pages; Language: English; ISBN-10: 0966805631; ISBN-13: 978-0966805635
Remember: one cannot stop God's Word being fulfilled. It's always in His time and always 100% accurate. But what we can do is fellowship; study the Word; pray/worship in the Spirit et al. What we can also do is be Bereans; test all things; prove all things; be NOT deceived; be ALERT and LOVE [agape] one another - amongst other commands [in the NT Greek present continuous active tense]. Watchmen must indeed warn and evangelists must compel.
God bless you and God bless Israel ... Keith J Sinclair ... 25-May-2009

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