Thursday, 4 June 2009


Hello again folks! Blog #300. Two big events have taken place today. One is the election here in the UK for the European Parliament and the other is President Mubarack Hussein Obama's speech in Cairo; Egypt today; as reported on BBC News:
I've said all I'm going to say about the election already! But you have all doubtless heard summaries and synopses of what Obama said today. My personal opinion is that we have seen a beginning and the beginning of the end. Here is what I mean. Obama castigates Israel for building settlements but appeases them by telling the arabs that they must recognize the right of Israel to exist. He tells the muslim arab world that the US [and, by extension, the West] is not al war with with islam when in fact; by definition islam is at war with the 'infidel' world [the 'dar-el-harb]. His speech was a masterful work of art to tell the Middle East arab/muslim bloc [paraphrased]: "... you must be patient - I am working for you my brethren ..." whilst at the same time appearing to the West that he is a just and fair real time negotiator and statesman. It is vital to Obama that muslims see him as one of their own and the West sees him as one of their own too. Checkmate. I am not saying that Obama is THE antichrist either. He probably is AN antichrist and he needs to be watched carefully by Bible students - just in case their attention is on the wrong guy[s].
When and if the moment comes that Obama does loosen or decouples the support of the USA for Israel and 'confirms' [I use this word with great care] a deal for a 'Two-State' solution [more like the final solution as Hitler defined it]; it will be the beginning of a false peace deal [not necessarily THE false peace deal of Daniel 9:27] and it will be the beginning of the end for the United States as a world power. It may well herald the end of 'normal' life for a lot of folks and the beginning of the end of the last days in general.
The Tribulation is almost upon us; relatively speaking. My guess is that within a decade we may well be either be in the Trib or the Millennial reign of Christ [leaving aside the 'controversial' taboo subject of honest criticism of the Pre-Rib 'rapture ' theory versus other positions]. I'm no prophet; but for the things to happen that are prophesied but are yet unfulfilled; some sudden and cataclysmic events are due to occur [before Daniel's 70th week?] and some of those events may be the judgement of an angry; Righteous and Holy God on those nations that wilfully abandon His people and [at least not directly] the currently secular Jewish state of Israel. A sign of these times we live in is deception. And there's a lot of it about in many fields and spheres. So my regular call for folks to be Bereans is not without justification. Watchmen [whatever your definition is of them] must indeed warn and evangelists must compel!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... Keith J Sinclair ... 04-June-2009

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