Monday, 8 June 2009


Hello again folks! I've waited a weekend to wait for; consider and digest the results in the recent council and European Parliamentary elections. And of course I'm delighted that UKIP came second nationally. Their haul of thirteen [13] MEP's beat the 2004 total of twelve MEP's despite the fallout over the Robert Kilroy-Silk debacle in the East Midlands. There are a number of points that I would like to make regarding the result and in light of recent blogs of the subject of the EU and involvement of Christians in politics:
  1. The political pundits have mostly repeated their mantra that UKIP are a protest vote party with one or two exceptions. A quick look at the result shows that they have consolidated their vote while other 'major parties' have stood still or have been rejected by the electorate in favour of parties like the Green Party and the BNP et al.
  2. If we consider that, due to EU expansion, the total number of MEP's in this election has been reduced from 78 to 72 and that UKIP have increased their representation from 12 to 13 MEP's; UKIP now have a 17% greater proportion of the UK's allocation of MEP's - this is [in my opinion] good news.
  3. The Christian Party - Christian Peoples Alliance [CP-CPA] gained 1.6% of the vote and came 10th [excluding Northern Ireland's results] behind the English Democrats. 250,000 souls voted for the CP-CPA; 15 million did not [of those who did vote]. What was achieved? Was Christ's Lordship proclaimed? All this has proved is that those folks who felt lead to vote, if taken as a percentage of the 30 million eligible to vote; represented 0.83% thereof. That's not even 1%! So much for the legend that this country is supposedly 10% 'Christian' - or the myth that Britain is a 'Christian' country!
  4. The BNP polled three times as many votes as the CP-CPA and came 6th gaining two [2] MEP's. Despite the Church of England calls to its parishioners to not vote BNP in the North-West; the BNP gained their first county council seat and MEP in the very area that the CoE ploughed into local/national politics in full force and made absolutely no difference at all! Yet more evidence of the pointlessness of state religion and churchianity.
  5. Any discerning Christian [or churchian] who has a working knowledge of Biblical eschatology would be better served putting their efforts into compelling lost souls in His Kingdom which is not of this world and voting for a party trying to extricate the UK from the EU Beast and the coming direct Tribulation judgment on the kingdom of antichrist [in my personal opinion].
  6. The real reason why UKIP is doing so well is because; despite the MP expense scandal, the current economic turmoil, all manner of government spin on everything from climate change to nanny state monitoring and a certain bias in the press corps.; most folks vote UKIP because they do not want to be in the EU; they just want to be friends and trading partners with their European neighbours. And they would like a free and fair vote on the issue. Before it's too late.

That's all I'm going to say on this subject on this most pleasing of nights after the night before. Whatever your political allegiance tonight; whether or not you turned out to exercise your vote; May God bless you! Be Bereans; watchmen must warn; evangelists must compel!

God bless you and God bless Israel ... Keith J Sinclair ... 08-June-2009

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