Monday, 15 June 2009


Hello again folks! At first glance it appears that the speech by Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday offered major concessions to the palestinians and was a betrayal if not a complete U-turn of his election pledges. One might have thought that the infinite pressure being placed on Israel by President Mubarack Hussein Obama had succeeded. But I think not. Today's reactions from the PA and other 'interested' parties are very negative describing the Israeli PM's speech as a killer blow to the [so-called] 'peace' process. Mr. Netanyahu stated that the conditions for a [so-called] 'Two-State solution' included [a] a demilitarized palestinian state; [b] full recognition of Israel as a Jewish state and [c] Jerusalem to remain undivided eternal capital of heretz Israel:

The above three [3] 'demands' are not unreasonable. Especially if you are surrounded by hostile religio-political entities and states who openly seek your destruction either by military, political or demographic means [or all three at the same time]; and your [so-called] 'friends' in the West are in the process of [again] selling you out for devious motives - smiling in your face but stabbing you in the back concurrently; then you have to play the long game. Anyone who thinks that you could have a fully militarized state alongside the tiny nation of Israel [only 1% of the arab land mass] - reducing its width in one area to just eight miles - and ensuring that it could never defend its borders - is living in cloud cuckoo land. And that you could believe that a palestinian state that teaches its toddlers to hate and kill Jews as a norm could maintain its credibility with the islamic bloc by agreeing to any deal that comprises its core islamic beliefs and protects its nemesis is fallacious too.

But you cannot stop the Word of God being fulfilled. One day; the powers that be will, by hook or by crook, divide Jerusalem and the land thereby invoking the judgement of God [Joel 3:2]. That means that either Netanyahu will be compromised [somehow]; or removed [anyhow] or he is an Illuminati/NWO mole working to a plan. Who knows? God does and He is in control anyway. I do personally admire Netanyahu [he knows the threat of true islam] and the more I see and hear what he does and says; the more I fear for him. Not all conspiracies are theories - some are fact. I hope and I pray that Netanyahu is not being set up something akin to an assassination [like Rabin] or a sudden personal catastrophe [like Sharon]. But the way things are flowing over in Israel; one cannot but think that something dramatic needs to happen for the false, man-made peace plan to be agreed and implemented. And that's without factoring in the events occurring in Iran - of which I'm sure will be blamed in no small measure by the Iranian authorities on the palestinian issue and the Zionist entity - as they call it.

One thing is for sure. The events in Iran and Israel will transpire to completely fulfil the prophetic Word of God; in His time. We may be surprised but He never has been and never will be. But we should be led by His Word and we should use our God-given intelligence to read the signs of the times. the key to understanding where we are in the prophetic clock is to keep our eyes on Israel ... to note Psalm 83 and pray as per Psalm 122 [amongst others!]. Be Bereans; watchmen must warn; evangelists must compel!

God bless you and God bless Israel ... Keith J Sinclair ... 15-June-2009

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