Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Hello again folks! Please be advised that Yacov Prasch has been taken ill in South Africa recently. Sally Richardson has alerted me to this bulletin that I'm reproducing exactly for your kind consideration:
Jacob Prasch has been released from hospital in Cape Town, South Africa after two days to where he was rushed. He must return for further tests and be medivaced back to the UK for further treatment by a British cardiologist once his atrial fibrillation is stabilised and he is deemed able to fly.
Fortunately, the x-rays and scans indicate that the phlebitis does not contain a thrombosis, and there is no permanent heart damage. However, the heart is marginally enlarged and the fibrillation , whilst now under control, continues.
His condition was uncontrolled hypertension with atrial fibrillation. A stroke was narrowly averted. Had he flow to Bangkok via Nairobi as scheduled, his physicians doubt he would have escaped a likely fatal stoke mid-air on a long intercontinental flight.
Fortunately, noticing the symptoms of phlebitis in his ankles, he consulted with his friend Dr. Hilda Podlas, who rushed him to hospital immediately. The condition appears to have been precipitated from the cumulative affect of apnia, and the renal side-effects of medication he is required to take for his neck injury. The cardiologists report that contributing factors are matters of life-style , especially a gruelling work-travel schedule. He has been ordered to cancel all long air flights and speaking engagements for at least one month, when his condition will be reassessed. Moriel has thus been compelled to cancel all Jacob Prasch speaking engagements until the end of July.
On Jacob's behalf, we profoundly apologise to those in Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand expecting to attend Jacob's meetings. On behalf of Jacob, also we express our sincere gratitude for your prayers at this time when Danny Isom was also hospitalised with kidney failure.
The cardiologist used the term "divine intervention". Both specialists agreed that had Jacob gone to Asia as scheduled, he would have suffered a very serious stroke and quite likely would not have survived. We see this as God's intervention that Jacob noticed the discoloration in his ankles, and that Dr. Podlas [a Jewish neuro-radiologist who came to faith through Jacob's ministry] happened to attend the church meeting where Jacob was speaking at the Reformed Evangelical Church in Cape Town.
Again, we sincerely regret the forced necessity of the cancelled events and praise The Lord for His Providence and the prayers and good wishes of His people.
As usual; God is in control. His Will be done. I have always been blessed by the ministry that the LORD has gifted him with. Needless to say; I'm sure that you will join me in praying for his recovery and for his family and ministry associates. Be Bereans; watchmen must warn; evangelists must compel!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... Keith J Sinclair ... 23-June-2009

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