Friday, 5 June 2009


Hello again folks! Are you watching the political high jinks going on today at Westminster as Gordon Brown tries to maintain control of his sinking ship? All the analyses have begun by the 'expert' political pundits on Sky TV and the BBC for the collapse of the vote for Labour and the under-achievement of the other two 'main' parties here in the UK; both in the council election results and the anticipated result of yesterdays EU election [to be announced Sunday evening].
But there was one 'excuse' that really annoyed me and really shows the level of apathy and deception going on in this once proud country. Apparently, if you are to believe the media, the reason that so many British folks have voted UKIP [or for any other 'minor' party] is to protest the 'Big 3' or the MP expense scandal.
I can say this truthfully: every person that I have asked for their voting intention and have said that they will vote for or that they have voted for UKIP have told me that they did so because they want out of the EU. There is a silent majority in this land that do not want to give the EU £40 million a day and do not want to be a part of the European Union. That is why they voted for UKIP!
The bulk of folks are not consulted on their opinion regarding the UK's membership of the EU. A promise was made by the current PM of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty [a.k.a. the EU constitution] which he has broken. We now rely on the good people of Ireland to save us. Every General Election is fought on every and any issue except the EU. It is avoided. The government above the government will not allow this. Because we do not truly live in a democracy.
I would personally like to see UKIP promote itself more towards gaining MP's as well as MEP's on its own merits. I am not a political animal but - while we still have a degree of [so-called] 'freedom' - I think it meet that folks are made aware that EU membership is and should be a major election issue. Every election season; folks are distracted by the mass media and are almost controlled by personalities and single issues [i.e. the Iraqi war]. But never is membership of the EU on the menu. Most folks do not even consider voting outside their comfort zone of one or two political parties. And that is the one issue that motivates me to write this blog today.
As the end time scenario unfolds; whole masses of populations [and some Christians] are going to be deceived into worshipping the Beast and taking the '666' mark of the Beast. I see a precursor to that happening now with respect to the EU issue. The biggest deception is getting folks to believe that they cannot be or are not deceived. Most of the good people of this country are being deceived into staying in and being sucked into the EU Beast. By being distracted by other 'events' and by being brainwashed that the EU issue is a single; one trick pony. They think it is in the good hands of fallen; fallible politicians when it is in fact the single most important issue of the day - in my humble opinion - and diabolical plans are afoot. Be Bereans; watchmen must warn; evangelists must compel!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... Keith J Sinclair ... 05-June-2009

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