Monday, 20 July 2009


Hello again folks! Regular visitors to KJS-HW will no doubt recall that I am always urging folks to take their eyes from off the perceived main news events of the day and trawl the periphery for what is really going on - if; indeed; it is reported at all. At the moment the media is full of swine flu fever and the like but today I would like to draw your attention to something else. Yes; we should all keep watching the development of the EU and [as some consider] potential antichrist candidates like Tony Blair; Gordon Brown; President Barack Hussein Obama; Nicolas Sarkozy et al. But it is quite easy to be deceived in doing a spot of Beast bookmaking! My good friend Marian always reminds me to ensure that I am not man-musing when I construct my articles and she is right.
However; I do feel 'led' to state this. Most Bible scholars [including moi] can't see the USA as a major player in end-time events; at the time of writing. Marian's admonition has prompted me to say this: the jury has not returned a verdict on this and it could be that there are terms used in the prophecies of Daniel; Ezekiel and even the Book of Revelation that may - as events are unveiled and revealed - need redefining. Only God knows. So there is always a need for the writer and reader to use their God-given intelligence and discernment when digesting all the 'noise' that emanates with regard to these 'last days'.

Having said that; IF America were to decline from a 'super-power' to a regional power in the forthcoming days, perhaps as a judgement for its treatment of the Jewish nation of Israel and their God-given land or its rejection of God and His Ways, then I think it of interest to note these two [2] recent stories as reported by the Beeb:
Quite a few folks believe that Iran already has the capability to launch and deploy nuclear weapons and that they could do so from any container vessel off the east coast of the USA. IF a weapon or weapons were detonated at high altitude at that location; the EMP pulse could well send the USA back to the 19th century for a few months or even years. That COULD happen. The [predicted by some] demise of the USA could also be triggered - not by military means - but by natural or economic means. For instance; Iran has already set up an oil bourse that trades in euros instead of US dollars. The medium term aim being to remove the USD as an international first choice reserve currency and destroy the foundations of the US economy. Which leads me to the main course of todays meal. There are senior officials in China now calling for the USD to be replaced as THE reserve currency of the world; that it is past its 'sell-by date'. We also have the Russians promoting a 'future world currency' [MAYBE a preamble to the mark of the beast] and even distributing coinage. But maybe of more significance to this is that China now holds a record $2.1 Trillion in its reserves.
The 'Kings of the East' are indeed rising just as is antichrist and the Beast empire. Slowly and surely and stealthily. All in God's time and in line with His Word. China COULD trigger the collapse of America without the need to press the 'red button'; all it would take is one [rather large] financial transaction and then let the free market take its course. And that is the point of my message today. Watch the periphery and don't put your prophetic eggs all in one basket. DO NOT BE DECEIVED! Be Bereans; watchmen must warn; evangelists must compel!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... Keith JS ... 20-July-2009

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