Monday, 6 July 2009


Hello again folks! I find it interesting what is being generally reported by the usual suspects in the mass media on the recent statements emanating from a certain CoE bishop on the subject of not so much homosexuality in general but the physical practice[s] associated with it. That this certain gentleman said that homosexuals need to "repent and be changed" is indeed biblical but it also applies to all manners of other "sins" too. The 'controversy' that this has engendered should not be a surprise.
Here is my take on the subject: I believe that there is sufficient biblical warrant against the sexual outpouring of homosexuality. This is unchanged since the fall. That there are folks who have big issues with this area and struggle with it should not be underestimated. Only God knows the torment that can go on in the human soul over this and other issues. God looks on the inside but man only the outward. Christianity should stand on the Word and condemn the practice but not the people in the sense that it should preach the message of repentance and true salvation. Our 'job' is to state that position and stick to it avoiding compromise and the pressure of the world system to dilute that message.
Having said that, once that message has been proclaimed - that should be it. A watchman warns and leaves it to his hearers to respond appropriately. Whether the world calls Christianity 'bigoted' is irrelevant. Whether supposed 'Christians' or otherwise make public statements like "... this is not Christ's message ..." is beside the point too. Man's opinions do not come into play on the core message.
So if people hear 'the message' and disagree or disregard it; the consequences are on their own head [as with all other 'sins']. The real bigotry, hatred and indifference is the politicalization of homosexuality into an agenda. Theirs is always an attack on True Christianity using the 'straw man' stratagem. That some of the homosexual lobby are nice, loving and well-meaning people goes without saying. But to constantly be on the attack to the purpose of changing Christianity to their worldview on the vehicle of their determination [and not vice versa] is, in and of itself, bigoted and unloving and hypocritical.
The lines should be drawn. On one side is this position [Christianity] and on the other side is that position [the 'Gay' lobby]. That some folks do not practise the physical nature of their desire should also be noted. But when it comes down to the real deal; only God can look on the inside but man the outward. It's not a political or social issue. It's a personal one-on-one issue. At the very least there should be an agreement to disagree. Be Bereans; watchmen must warn; evangelists must compel!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... Keith J Sinclair ... 06-July-2009

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