Monday, 13 July 2009


Hello again folks! We all need to agree to disagree on the so-called 'controversy' within Christian circles of the timing of the rapture. It is what I call a secondary doctrine and genuine debate on it is good and healthy - it shouldn't cause fear or panic or worry. My good friend Bob Mitchell on his POST TRIBULATION FORUM blog [] has suffered what I can only call 'abuse' because he doesn't hold a Pre-Trib position. It's so strange to have this sacred cow of a doctrine within religio-Christanity causing so much angst. Or is it?
Holders to the Pre-Trib THEORY are free to have such an opinion. And so are those who are Mid-Trib; Pre-Wrath and Post-Trib. I think that a lot of money, time and resource has been employed in popularizing the Pre-Trib position and certain individuals have a lot to lose - in this temporal world as well as the next. It is not my intention within this particular blog to muse on the differing positions regarding the rapture of the True Church. As with not a few of my postings lately; I think the belief that Spirit-filled believers cannot be deceived is fallacious. Christ Jesus expressly warns about deception in these last days. Please take the time to read my recent messages on not being deceived in these days. Indeed, I'm getting more than a little concerned with those folks who have it all worked out already. But there is an awful lot going on in the periphery; away from the gaze of the news-hungry masses.
They say everything is imminent. They know [more or less] when the rapture will take place; they know [more or less] who the antichrist is; they estimate [more or less] who the false prophet is ... and it goes on. We need to be very careful where fallen [but well-meaning] human beings construct a theory and a doctrine on their own or others presuppositions and [at times] certain scriptures taken out of context.
If the imminent ones are teetering right now of the edge of eternity; and they are literally awaiting the rapture in 11/100th of a seconds notice [the timing of a blink of the eye]; then their lives should be reflecting this - focusing on the 'there and then' much more than the 'here and now'.On the other hand; I think it of value to note some of the reports being filed that suggest that although we are much nearer to the end than the beginning [most creationists think the world is 6,000 years old]; and although some of the end-time prophecies have been or are being fulfilled; there is still [in my opinion] still a little way to go.
For instance; RFID technology on a mass scale appears [note that I used the word 'appears'] to not be quite there; or the famed one world religion or the one world currency - yet: Check out this interesting piece of 'news' on the prologue [maybe] to the MoB one world currency:
Even though I believe most end time prophecies will be fulfilled like falling dominoes [a la Revelation and Daniel]; there 'appears' to be the need for [a] the catalyst and [b] the resource[s] for some of the momentous vehicles to be in place and yet future events to occur. The framework may even be in place but there is still a big difference between completing the edge of a jigsaw and completing the puzzle. No-one knows the time or the hour other than the Father. We all need to give this important facet of eschatology a little more attention than is currently apportioned. Be Bereans; watchmen must warn; evangelists must compel.
God bless you and God bless Israel ... Keith JS ... 13-July-2009


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