Saturday, 22 August 2009


Hello again folks! How are you today? September is fast approaching so hopefully the English Indian Summer will commence! I am getting so much ticker these days on "what's going on" both in terms of current world events; 'churchianity' and prophetic goings-on. I've took a step back to digest some of the articles and reports entering the Sinclair sphere. I've just read about the start of the 'Hurricane Season' over in the States a la the second one: Billy.
This has sort of reinforced something I was constructing. I like the US of A. I have family there; friends there and blog visitors too! God has used the USA as a vehicle to bless the world - whilst it was in His Will and God-fearing. It could be argued the enemy has used it to further his own deceived ambitions - a la the NWO/Illuminati/freemasonry et al. But here is my point. I see - in the last generation especially - not only a turning away from Judeo-Christian principles and precepts - but also an ever-so-slow abandoning of Israel in tandem with an embrace of islam. These five [5] articles are of interest to this writer:
Pressure is being put on the government of Benjamin Netanyahu by the US and, to his credit [at the time of writing] he is holding firm. Consequently; the US economy - that bastion of the 'American Dream' - is faltering. Leaving aside the issue of abortion and other reasons for the judgement of God such as backsliding et al; we see US state finances in free fall; China shedding SOME of her US debt and even narcotics embedded in her currency.
True; there are a lot of Godless and downright 'evil' regimes around the world but the problem is that the US was once [as best a nation can be termed] 'Christian' [as was the UK] and now it is not. It is also playing a significant part in dividing the land given by God to His people [see Joel 3:2] and aiding her enemies.
It seems to me that the One Triune God is long suffering and gracious - not willing that ANY should perish. Maybe what is going on are 'warning shots' from the Almighty and maybe He is allowing these things to get our attention.
One of my favourite quotes is from one C.S. Lewis and featured in his book: "The Problem With Pain". He stated that pain is God's megaphone to rouse a deaf world. Never a truer word spoken - or written. Solomon would be proud of that one!
The question is: Are we deaf; hard-of-hearing or wantonly ignorant? But thank God for His grace. That's all I can shout! And pray for the USA as well as any other nation or peoples. Be Bereans; watchmen must warn; evangelists must compel!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... Keith JS ... 22-Aug-2009

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