Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Hello again folks! If ever you needed yet more evidence of the utter pointlessness of retaining any kind of national identity within the wheels of the EU, then the story emerging this week that a law passed 25 years ago in the UK in 1984 is now defacto null and void because of the most arbitary of reasons should finally persuade you we have already lost our sovereignty to Brussels bureaucrats:
Apparently; a law passed in the English Parliament in 1984 to outlaw the sale of '18' or 'X' rated videos to minors is now unenforceable because we [the UK] didn't inform the EU Commission at the time! It will now take three [3] months to close this loophole. I just wonder how many other UK laws have been passed without the permission of the EU. And I also wonder how laws that they have passed or will pass that will over-ride our own laws anyway.
More alarmingly, what laws that may signal the rise of the EU Beast via stealth rather than direct conquest are on the way? Who knows - but one thing is for sure - time is running out for sovereign states and personal freedom - and not just in the Eurozone. Time for watchmen to warn; evangelists to compel and for Bereans to be Bereans!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... Keith JS ... 26-Aug-2009

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