Monday, 21 September 2009


Hello again folks! This is not a prophecy but it may be a prediction! What have all these recent news headlines have in common:
Students face paying more for tuition fees
Homeowners of £1M value properties to pay 0.5% 'supertax'
Schools to be amalgamated to cut costs
Old age care to be preceded by £20,000 'charge'
Carbon tax pressure rises
Major cuts ahead for public spending round
All of the above news stories; in some way, will either by direct or indirect taxation &/or 'savage' spending cuts put a further squeeze on common folks' cash flow ... leading ultimately to a reduction or relinquishing of private ownership.
And as China & Co. subtly and slowly reduce their foreign reserves of debt notes [mainly USD & GBP]; gold and cash; the pressure on the US and UK economies to reduce debt levels of over $11 Trillion and £804 million respectively will be directly or indirectly levied on the serfs rather than their financial lords. Here, for your perusal, is the latest US Debt Clock:
Down the road; it will become increasingly more difficult for hard working; honest folk to not only save but also [a] enjoy their pension years and [b] bequeath their assets to the next generation. And as private ownership decreases, dependence on public provision will increase. Then you can imagine why; when cash is abolished some time yet future; that most folks will be most willing to accept the MoB ['666' 'Mark of the Beast'] ... and only a remnant will resist.
No-one will and nobody can, in their own strength, endure the oncoming storm pressure. Only those under the Bishopry of Messiah Yeshua [the LORD Jesus Christ] will endure ... and only if they submit to Him totally. Remember this is not a prophecy ... but it may be a prediction! Be Bereans; watchmen must warn; evangelists must compel; BE NOT DECEIVED and watch the periphery!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... Keith JS ... 21-Sep-2009

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