Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Hello again folks! Perhaps THE most important election of 2009 is fast approaching. Julie spotted this great editorial in today's "The Sun" [http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/] written by its Deputy Editor; Fergus Shanahan entitled "10 days until we become EU-K".
In this factual piece which draws the wrong conclusion; Fergus identifies and explains in plain English what the second Irish Referendum on the 'Lisbon Treaty' [a.k.a. the EU constitution] will mean to not only our Irish friends - but also us here in the UK. Bible students please take note:
"10 days until we become EU-K
Forget about the recession for a moment. Ten days from now, our future is likely to to change forever. On October 2, Ireland has its second vote on the wretched Lisbon Treaty. If, as expected, it says Yes, the Treaty - handing over our Parliament's ancient powers to Brussels - will almost certainly be law here before Christmas. Brussels will have won at last, and Tony Blair will be awaiting his expected coronation as EU President. To be sure, Europe has many great points - fantastic to visit, brilliant beaches, Carla Bruni, paella and pizzas, Eva Green, sunshine, Penelope Cruz, buzzing cities and football teams nearly as good as ours! So what's the problem? I don't think everybody grasps the extent of what we stand to lose. We are looking at the biggest shift in power in Europe since WW2. It would mean that from its plain beginnings as a trading group, the EU has finally achieved its ambition of a huge superstate where little Britain is allocated the status of a naughty boy told to stand in the corner. We have lost an awful lot of our national powers already. Now we will lose the final say over our immigration and asylum policy. Foreign policy will be decided by Brussels. The EU's new Foreign Minister will outrank our Foreign Secretary. The EU President will speak for all Europe to President Obama, undermining our historic personal alliance with America. The EU will take away charge of policing and justice from our Home and Justice Secretaries. For example, if you forget to pay a Spanish parking ticket, you could be arrested by an EU cop and be carted off abroad in handcuffs. Sinister EU paramilitary cops will have the right to walk British streets. We will lose our veto - the vital right to say No - in 40 key areas. British democracy and civil liberties going back 1,000 years, which millions have died for, will be extinguished forever. Presiding over this will likely be Tony Blair, cheered on by Mandy [Peter Mandelson] and [Gordon] Brown. We will pay the second-biggest EU cash contribution yet languish near the bottom of the table for grants. All this is being achieved through the back door by fraud and dishonesty. The Treaty is deliberately written in meaningless Double Dutch only Brussels nerds can understand. Labour promised us a referendum on it then shamefully broke their word. Brussels needs all 27 EU members to sign up to the Treaty. The Irish, God bless them, said No last year. Since then they have been bullied so hard by the EU that they are expected to cave in. What then? We have to trust in David Cameron. Dave must make his course clear at the Tory conference, which starts days after the crucial Irish vote. If Ireland says yes and the Treaty becomes law here, he must promise a referendum regardless, if he is PM. We'll say No, at which point we must rethink our relationship with Europe. We should keep sensible links, such as trade. And if we can make common cause in areas like pollution and the environment and science, then fine. But we will NEVER accept Brussels as our political masters." [end quote]
It was correct for me to quote the whole article despite its Tory orientation. Unfortunately the conclusion is indeed wrong. The Tory party will not extricate us from the EU Beast. David Cameron and most up and coming 'big party' movers and shakers are Common Purpose people. Tools of the EU machine and the ODPM. More on that in a later blog.
One thing is for sure; an awful lot of deception is about. We need to pray for our dear Irish friends and for another 'surprise' result. On the other hand; the end times WILL play out as God has foretold us in His Word anyway. A level head is needed and much wisdom. Be Bereans; watchmen must warn; evangelists must compel; DO NOT BE DECEIVED and watch the periphery!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... Keith JS ... 22-Sep-2009

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