Thursday, 22 October 2009


Hello again folks! Why is there all this 'controversy' about the BNP leader; Nick Griffin; appearing on BBC's 'Question Time' or indeed, anything they say or do?:
I say this for a couple of reasons. The BNP is a legal political party here in the UK. I personally do not share their views but SOME of what they say has some traction. 6% of the voting public voted for them in the European Parliamentary election back in June. That's six [6] in every 100 people. As a party with local and regional political representatives and now two [2] MEP's; they have a right to participate in a TV debate [which I hope will discuss some topics that are NOT relative to their perceived 'extremist' manifesto; otherwise it will be just another BNP bashing]. But now we have witnessed not a few protests by [so-called] anti-fascists dotted around the country. But aren't they being 'bigoted' and 'fascist' in not allowing a legal political party to participate in a debate without fear of ... persecution?
What I am saying is this: if the BNP is 'controversial' because it is 'extremist' ... then what of parties like UKIP or the English Democrats or the Christian Alliance et al? If the subject of our betrayal by Gordon Bennett ... er Brown ... who lied and refused us a promised referendum a la the Lisbon Treaty [a.k.a. the EU constitution] was as 'controversial' ... how long would it be before UKIP were protested against by 'anti-fascists' or Europhiles? I often hear the quip that UKIP is the 'posh' BNP ... do you know where I'm going here? How long will it be before 'fundamentalist' Christians who won't bend the knee to Baal [or President Tony Blair] are protested against by 'anti-fascists'? What is happening with regard to the BNP 'issue' could be the start of something far more sinister; devious and evil.
My question is: Do we REALLY live in democracy here in the UK &/or the EU? The answer is: Of course NOT! You can't REALLY say what you think on certain subject matter - can you? Geert Wilders has ably demonstrated that. And I'm thankful to Lord Pearson for his stand. Democracy really is dead ... as [also] ably demonstrated over in Ireland the other week. True Christians shouldn't rely on political process; they should rely on Him anyway! Be Bereans. Watchmen must warn; evangelists must compel; DO NOT BE DECEIVED! and watch that periphery!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... Keith JS ... 22-Oct-2009

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