Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Hello again folks! I hate religion in and of itself. Man-made rules that either bury Truth or outright deceive folks into believing a lie or lies in place of Truth. Pilate asked a good question once: "What is Truth?" [John 18:38]. The world is replete; for the last 2,000 years; since grace was legally instituted; of many religions [including churchianity]; practices; people; organizations et al who have - for differing reasons - opposed grace in its purest form.
The other week we saw two [2] news events [although one was broadcast more widely than the other for reasons I need not explain to regular readers of this 'ol blog!]:
In one report; a Somali woman was stoned to death for adultery by true muslims [following the koran and hadith] and in the other story; a vicar has forgiven the killers of his adopted daughter whilst also advocating the importance of taking responsibility for ones actions. One is a testimony to law under - in this case - islam; and the other is a demonstration of the freedom and grace and release and peace of True Christianity. Need I add any more? Jesus; I'm sure; is well pleased with this particular vicar. On the other hand; I'm pretty sure what He thinks of false religion too [check out what He said about the Pharisees and Nicolaitians!] I'm so glad that grace with a capital 'G' is freely available - for the present day and for the time being. I need add no more. Please continue to be Bereans; DO NOT BE DECEIVED! and watch that periphery!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... Keith JS ... 24-Nov-2009

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