Sunday, 22 November 2009


Hello again folks! This article in Wolverhampton's "Express & Star" on Friday 20-Nov-2009 entitled "Democracy pays the price as political pygmies chosen"; written by Nigel Hastilow; is worth reading:
"Baroness Who? If the EU really wanted to downplay the creation of a new president and foreign secretary it couldn't have done much better than give the top job to a Belgian and the other to an obscure baroness from Britain. Baroness Ashton of Upholland [where?] is an ex-CND campaigner.
She has a degree in sociology and all the right contacts, being married to the political pundit and YouGov polling pioneer Peter Kellner. Her new boss is possibly even more obscure. The EU leaders passed over Tony Blair - a decision we can all be grateful for - even though he was, as David Milliband said, the only candidate capable of "stopping the traffic" thanks to his notoriety.
Instead they have chosen the Prime Minister of Belgium, one Herman van Rompuy. No doubt in the future when we are asked to name five [5] famous Belgians [always tricky especially if Tin Tin doesn't count] we may recall old Rumpy-pumpy.
But the truth is that rather than choose a "traffic-stopper" as the first President of Europe, the leaders have gone for a "traffic warden" instead. And with Baroness Ashton of Upholland at his side, it's clear the leaders of the EU are doing their best to hide the truth from us - the truth being that they have just created the world's newest superstate. They may have chosen political pygmies over the international disaster that would have been President Blair, but the fact remains they have now completed their bloodless - and referendum-less - political power-grab.
Baroness Ashton is a perfect example of the EU's complete abandonment of any idea of democracy. She has risen without trace from the ranks of the ban-the bombers to become a Peer, a Minister, an EU Commissioner and now the EU's first "High Representative for Foreign Affairs".
At no point in her long and lack-lustre career has she ever stood for elected office. Yet thanks to our supposedly democratic system of politics, she has now been elevated the the second most powerful position in the whole of Europe. This is a depressing day for anyone who still cherishes national sovereignty. The only consolation is that it's probably depressing for Tony Blair too." [end quote]
It is against this backdrop of lame duck EU presidents [even if they are Bilderbergers a.k.a. NWO minions] et al that the Beast [antichrist] will rise, quite quickly and very remarkably, to power one day yet future. The chess game has begun ... but we're not at 'Check Mate' yet. The LORD Jesus Christ is coming [back] soon though - and don't you forget it! Please continue to be Bereans; DO NOT BE DECEIVED! and watch that periphery!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... Keith JS ... 22-Nov-2009

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