Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Hello again folks! The pressure on True Christianity continues unabated it seems. Italy is banning the use of crosses &/or crucifixes in their schools and we now have a play in Glasgow about a transsexual Jesus [what next?]:
I don't see any such play being produced about Buddha or Mohammad and I haven't seen any sign of crescent moon symbols also being outlawed. What we are seeing is a kind of gradual 'creep' in the war against the followers of The Way.
For example; all this week we have had [so-called] humanists and atheists rolled out on Breakfast TV bemoaning Christmas and insisting that we have a 'winterfest' instead. Yes; the CoE has failed and Yes; the UK is no longer a 'Christian' country. But why don't these 'experts' also campaign for Ramadan to be moved to February and halved in length while they are at it?
The Fall of man has led to not only sin coming into the world and God's creation; it has meant that a generation-by-generation corruption of everything is upon us [read Romans 8] ... and it's getting worse. The cumulative effect of these corruptions is that folks get ill and they can be born with all kinds of 'defects' - and not all of them physical - some may be emotional or mental et al. Whilst I am unsure that someone can really be born 'gay'; I do consider that; as a result of the Fall; it is a possibility that there is a small proportion of folks who are genuinely and literally 'transsexual' .. or in the wrong gender body. But that doesn't justify outright blasphemy or trying to force ones condition onto Christianity and its Founder or force Christianity into their worldview.
God loves all fallen souls ... even Cliff Richard and Gordon Brown! He is Holy [separate from and high above His creation]. It's time for there to be an active campaign to stand up for True Christianity and the real LORD Jesus Christ - Son of God and Messiah and Saviour of mankind. Please continue to be Bereans; DO NOT BE DECEIVED! and watch that periphery!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... Keith JS ... 04-Nov-2009

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sarah p. said...

things are going to get worse, its time to tell the gospel to those who are on the road to hell, we must look up and stay faithful.
love and prayers in Yeshua messiah.
Sarah P.