Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Hello again folks! Today we are gathered to witness the beginning of the end of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The Czechs have now finally surrendered to the intense pressure from the [non-democratic] European Union. The last obstacle was removed today by the Czech High Court:
I've already had friends and family consoling me on this dark, dark day. It's truly depressing but you can't stop prophecy being fulfilled in God's own time. On the other hand though; you can sure still exercise your free will [while you are still allowed it; I might add]. The main opposition political party [the 'Conservatives'] have now also betrayed the British people too and ruled out a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty [a.k.a. the EU constitution]. So the absolute treason of Gordon Brown is now complete. I, for one, will still urge folks to use their votes wisely in next years general election and vote for a party that is for Great Britain as a sovereign state and not a nine-region sub-state of the federal entity that is now the EU. Here is a quote from Gawain Towler of UKIP today:
"... those who believe in our country and our future must vote UKIP at next year's general election. At least people know that with UKIP, there is no doubting our commitment to the country. So how about it - let everybody know. Write to local papers and magazines, phone in radio chat shows ... Best of all talk to your friends ..." [end quote]
I do not want to stray into a party political broadcast but True Christians do indeed need to be informed too ... don't they? I am not of the opinion, as some would have it, that Christians can't be deceived ... they sure can. The best deceivers are [a] those deceived already themselves and [b] those who don't believe that they can be deceived! Remember: Jesus warns four [4] as much about deception in the last days as any other 'signs of the times' in the Olivet Discourse [please re-read Matthew chapters 24-25; Mark chapter 13; Luke chapter 21] ... and He was talking to believers!
Very gradually; the EU is taking over the previously independent and sovereign states of the continent of Europe. The history behind even the very word "Europa"is interesting too. Check out Wikipedia here:
Bible students will recognize the woman Europa riding a bull [Zeus] as she is abducted and raped. The references to a 'woman riding the beast' in the Book of Revelation take on a whole new meaning! Please continue to be Bereans; DO NOT BE DECEIVED! and watch that periphery!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... Keith JS ... 03-Nov-2009

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