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Hello again folks! I heard Ed Miliband in a TV interview the other day regarding the 'ClimateGate' email 'furore'! He practically said that if there were some 'scientists' questioning just how much evidence there were for man-caused 'climate change' or 'global warming'; then we should still plough on with all the summits; conferences; legislation and tax hikes that that will bring about - irrespective of those concerned with some of the source data that that THEORY is built upon - and the resultant actions which will ultimately affect this present generation; future generations - and by extension - the justification for his own very job; I therefore completely understand his passion!
He apparently called sceptics of the THEORY [unproven] of man-caused climate change: "flat earthers". I am beginning to think that this man is even more dangerous than his brother David. There are a couple of 'controversies' doing the rounds at present re: the global warming myth.
And on top of the above reports is another report that: "Demonstrations are to be held around the UK and in the Irish Republic later to demand action on climate change ahead of the Copenhagen summit. Protesters in London, Belfast, Glasgow and Dublin want world leaders to reach a tough new deal on cutting emissions." What is going on is not science ... it is manipulation of facts; of true science and worst of all ... ordinary folks ... by a minority with an awful lot of power and influence.
To summarize: our lame duck 'minister for Climate Change' insults right-minded scientists and other folks if they dare question the mantra of human-caused climate change in the same way that Richard Dawkins does on the subject of anyone who dares to question the THEORY [unproven] of evolution. This is all because a number of honest emails questioning the data and its manipulation by, ultimately, the IPCC, of [so-called] 'evidences' of said THEORY have been made public; supposedly by dubious means. Meanwhile; predictions of the timing of the [supposed] retraction of the Himalayan glacier fields being out by 300 years [and not by accident] to support said THEORY has also come to light.
Remember that Jesus said dark deeds always come to light ... eventually! All this 'controversy' is taking place to raise the hyped-up and soon-to-open 'Copenhagen summit'. Please take a look at my recent blog "TAXED TO DEATH!":
There are definite parallels between the outright propaganda in the promotion of human-caused 'climate change' or 'global warming' and that of evolution. Most of the funding for [so-called] 'research' is funded by UN or other 'global foundations' specifically to support those THEORIES anyway. True science would employ untainted evidence with an open mind and no pre-conceived notions to prove such a theory or theories. And it wouldn't ignore or dismiss or bury 'negative ' results that oppose those theses. More importantly; true science would also publish validated conclusions fairly and [hopefully] they would be reported to us ordinary folks. But that doesn't appear to be happening - does it?
THE major sign of the last days is deception and lies. And here it is right before your very eyes. There are not many Bereans about - even in 'Christian' circles. Some major 'Christian' figures embrace evolutionary THEORY and the THEORY of [man-caused] 'climate change' openly. Paving the way for the long prophesied one-world religion on not a few levels.
At the top of this blog is a map. It is the Oronteus Finaeus map of 1532. It is a map drawn of the known southern hemisphere at that time and clearly shows sub-glacial cost of Antarctica in its entirety. This map was drawn 300 years before the Industrial Revolution. It shows that we have had massive 'climate change' in the past NOT caused by us human beings! It also lends evidence to the OTHER THEORY of [11-year] cyclical solar activity causing global climate change in the past.
I accept that humankind do pollute and that they do have the biblical responsibility to be stewards over the earth; but I also accept that God created a fantastic biosphere here that is in decline due to, primarily, the Fall [read Romans chapter 8]. Besides deception; not a few of the 'signs of the times' of the last days could be described as 'natural' or even [as it is called in the insurance industry] 'acts of God'! My point is that what is being called science is really propaganda in the long war against God.
Be it the destruction of national sovereignty on a grand scale or the removal of 'Christmas' on a much more sublime level - little by little every year - it seems that whole populations are being brainwashed and 'taught' heresies or untruths in preparations for something much worse than the Third Reich could ever achieve.
Key in this battle is the teaching and preaching of outright lies and half-truths as fact ... another 'sign of the times'. Joseph Goebbels [Hitler's propaganda minister] said once that if you tell a lie often enough; it literally becomes the truth as far as most folks are concerned. You need at least 5% of a populace to be the equivalent of biblical Bereans for there to be a balance of sorts ... people who check things out for themselves. Sadly; here in the UK; I fear it's nearer 0.5% and probably the same across in North America.
It is therefore imperative that folks like me encourage souls like your good selves to be Bereans ... especially 'True' believers and even 'churchians'! So with regard to the subject of [so-called] human-caused 'global warming' or 'climate change' and by extension other 'controversial' subject matter; we all need to be very vigilant of where this is going. Forewarned is forearmed. You can't stop the Word of God being fulfilled - of course - but you can be prepared for when it does happen. Please be evangelistic before it's too late! Be Bereans; DO NOT BE DECEIVED! and watch that periphery!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... Keith JS ... 05-Dec-2009

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