Friday, 11 December 2009


Hello again folks! So the EU is going to give a total of €7.2 billion to the worlds poorest nations to help them fight 'climate change':
The United Kingdom [in the middle of a major recession] is to contribute €1.5 billion of that; which equates to 20.8%. There are currently 27 nations within the EU so each country represents 3.7% of the whole. This means that the UK is paying 5.6 times its fair share per capita when it has not emerged from recession but many of its neighbours have. And surely UK PLC can truly no longer be termed a 'rich nation' anymore with its current debt burden?
So why is it that we always pay far more than our fair share into the EU pot than anyone else? More than Germany ... more than France et al. It's not a level playing field for sure.
Here is another example. I know personally of a major employer in the UK who has imposed a pay freeze for 2010 [as well as 2009]. But in Germany this company must pay out an annual increase to its employees because of local legislation and legal agreements. Like I said ... there is no level playing field in the EU.
To further enforce this view; I read today in the 'Daily Express' newspaper that the UK's contribution to the EU this year [£4.6 billion] will increase to £6 billion next year [2010]. What possible benefit[s] do we receive for this haemorrhage of taxpayers money? Answers on a postcard please!
Some thing[s] most definitely do not add up. Our country is being consumed ravenously by the EU 'Beast' and not many folks are aware or care about it. I feel sure that the LORD's hand has been lifted from this country by way of judgement on many levels. Boy ... do we need watchmen who warn. Be Bereans; DO NOT BE DECEIVED! and watch that periphery!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... Keith JS ... 11-Dec-2009

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