Thursday, 28 January 2010


Hello again folks! I find the vilification and outright witch hunt against Dr. Andrew Wakefield most noteworthy and ripe for comment:
I am naturally a suspicious kind of fellow so since the MMR jab was introduced [in the late 1980's]; my interest has been piqued.
It was claimed at that time that this 3-in-1 'fix all' injection was not only safe; it was the key to the health of future generations. It also [of course] had a positive financial proposition for the NHS [i.e. the government]. In theory it was a winner on many fronts. But then in 1998; Dr. Wakefield and his team - after due research and consideration - released a report claiming that there were sufficient cases of the MMR jab being consistent with an increase in autism and other ailments.
The report, which was published in 'The Lancet'; was later rejected and proceedings undertaken against Dr. Wakefield. Many parents have since elected not to let their children receive this jab and they have sourced separate injections against measles, mumps and rubella. Some parents did not even have their children vaccinated at all. And so here in 2010 we are seeing an upsurge in cases of measles et al. But I smell a rat.
The above graph shows a pretty even uptake of the MMR jab but a sharp hike in measles cases since 2005 - a full seven [7] years after the 'controversy' so there is no linear relationship between a significant drop in MMR uptake and the exponential increase in cases of measles.
Today; the official medical regulator has found that Dr. Wakefield acted unethically. On one hand the government; the pharmaceutical companies and the mass media are trumpeting the outcome of the case whereas he [and his team] remain resolute stating that the findings were "... unfounded and unjust ..." It appears that the powers-that-be are celebrating and the supporters of this particular doctor [and there are not a few of them by the way] are labelling the 'investigation' a "kangaroo court".
As we approach those much vaunted last days and we see the dramatic expansion in deception as the Beast empire expands; it should not surprise us if certain organizations would benefit from seeding the population with all manner of inoculations and by extension their side-effects [whether they knowingly do it or they do it for financial gain or they do it for political power et al].
We do see an increase in malaises and pestilences prophesied in these upcoming days. And they could increase as a result of these jabs or our tinkering with DNA and the building block of life - the simple cell. There have been enough good conspiracy thrillers about the collusion between big business and government ['State of Play' was a recent - and good - film that demonstrated this ably].
So whether these predicted outbreaks are orchestrated or accidental or a mix of both; this case that is being reported upon today; although on the periphery of most Bible scholars news bites; is still significant. For the record; I am wary of the MMR jab as well as other mass 'treatments'. Something just ain't right me thinx with this. And I am not alone in this view. The fluoridation of our water may well be in the same category. It's down to the individual to check this story out for themselves and come to a conclusion that they are comfortable with. I wouldn't necessarily trust the GMC to be entirely neutral in this case either.
Wait; watch and observe how this one plays out! It has implications: What if the 'Mark of the Beast' is sold on its 'medical' benefits as much as its spiritual/political loyalty to the AC down the road? Real Bereans [Acts 17:11] are truly needed and in short supply; watchmen must warn; evangelists must compel; DO NOT BE DECEIVED! and watch that periphery!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... Keith JS ... 28-Jan-2010

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