Sunday, 10 January 2010


Hello again folks! This is just to confirm what our muslim 'friends' in Malaysia are confirming about their god allah; by their actions:
The moon god of islam is not the god of the Jews and Christians. Period. Allah says that God has no Son. Their end time prophecies state that the returning muslim Jesus will kill all Jews and their cohorts. The blessings of the God of Abraham; Isaac and Jacob have not been rescinded - His promises have not been broken on His part. We may have on our part collectively - but He is Faithful and is still waiting; not unlike like the Father of the prodigal son. What the above report of violence of followers of that 'peaceful' religion against organized Christians tells us is that:
"Never the twain shall meet"
It also shows the folly of wrong doctrine ... trying to imprint one religion onto another - rather like Constantine did when he [supposedly] converted. The church is always trying to make peace with the world but it just does not compute. Friends with the world [and its religions] is emnity with God. Islam and Christianity are not compatible because they are mutually exclusive. Jesus said that [only] He is the Way; the Life and the Truth. Call it fundamentalist or bigotted or arrogant or ... call it Truth. It's your choice. Accept or decline. I agree with this teaching of islam: Jesus is not the son of allah. Because He is the Son of YHWH. Allah is the moon god but YHWH created it! One is created in the minds of fallen men; the other is the Creator.
So when you hear [so-called] leaders of the world; politicians; religious and Churchianity figures stating that we are "brothers" or "cousins" following Abraham - they lie - because they are either out and out deceivers or they are totally deceived. Be very careful and do this. Carry out a personal study on the life and times of Mohammed and the history of his religion. Try to get data from unbiased sources. Look at the fruit so that you can discern the root.
An example: what does islam say about those who leave islam of their own choice versus those who leave the teachings of Christianity willingly? One sentences them to death - the warns of the consequences [in the now and hereafter]; urges repentance and offers forgiveness but leaves free will intact. One is the letter [law] - the other grace. One is based on the [so-called] works and merits of man and the other is totally founded on the finished Work of the LORD Jesus Christ. Be Bereans [Acts 17:11]; be evangelists; DO NOT BE DECEIVED! and watch that periphery!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... Keith JS ... 10-Jan-2010

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