Thursday, 25 February 2010


Hello again folks! The long campaign against Israel continues unabated. But more worringly; increasingly it is from within what I term 'Churchianity' - in other words - not necessarily [True] Christianity. Sally Richardson sent me this piece:

"Anglican Church to be used by Anti-Zionists to show Anti-Christian Zionist film
Mike Fryer on Sizer, Speakman, Christ Church,Virginia Water, "With God on our Side"

At 2.30pm on Sunday 28th February, Stephen Sizer, the Vicar of Christ Church, Virginia Water, Surrey, is showing the film, “With God on our Side” directed by Porter Speakman Jr, at his Church. The film makes outrageous non-Biblical statements concerning Christian Zionism, and alleges that Christian Zionism is not in line with God’s heart. The film implicates Christian Zionism with the cause of much of the suffering of Palestinian Arabs and Palestinian Christians. The website promoting the film states the following: “With God on our Side” takes a look at the theology of Christian Zionism, which teaches that, because the Jews are God’s Chosen People, they have a divine right to the land of Israel. Aspects of this belief system lead some Christians in the West to give uncritical support to Israeli Government policies, even those that privilege Jews at the expense of Palestinians, leading to great suffering among Muslim and Christian Palestinians alike, threatening Israel’s security as a whole”. The film deceives Christians, and leads them away from the true cause of poverty and suffering. Both Sizer and Speakman sadly ignore the facts, which prove beyond doubt that both Palestinian Muslims and Christians are victims of their own leaders' policies and ideologies, and cannot be blamed on anyone else. Both men also ignore the fulness of Scripture in an attempt to press home their own agenda[s]."
[end quote]

Who needs vicars anyway? If the so-called church is going against its own lineage; heritage; blessing and the One Triune God Himself - then judgement has ALREADY fallen. Pity them. Pray for them. For they are truly deluded and are pawns in the hands of the enemy of their own souls. Israel is not perfect. But that is no excuse for the wholesale whitewash of propaganda from not only her sworn islamic enemies; but now [again] those within state angicanism and roman catholicism. State religion stinks! Real Bereans [Acts 17:11] are truly needed and in short supply; watchmen must warn; evangelists must compel; DO NOT BE DECEIVED and watch that periphery!

God bless you and God bless Israel ... Keith JS ... 25-Feb-2010

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