Friday, 28 May 2010


Hello again folks! It's been my pleasure since leaving our last religio-church membership and embarking on the home church trail et al to meet lots of good; honest; decent Christian folks. It's also been my pleasure to fellowship - without ever meeting some souls - via and through those 'Signs of the Times' email circulars and; of course; over these last two years plus; this 'ol blog of mine: Heresy Watch. We've seen some fruit and had pleasure in playing a minute part in God's great plan [I hope!].

One thing that I can say is this [and I include myself in this]: That in these days that are leading up to the GT and the Second Advent of our Lord; there are an awful lot of folks out there who have knowledge. Both of the Word and what I call 'Churchianity'. Some of those folks have that precious God given gift of Wisdom too. That is the unction of how to apply that knowledge. But yet fewer folks too have that other quality and aspect that add savour to the flavour of the Truth. And that is that God-imbued 'agape' Love of I Corinthians 13 [amongst other scriptures].

It ain't 'philios' [brotherly] love and it ain't 'eros' [sensual] love. It's that long suffering; longing; forgiving; Truthful Love that God is Himself and what His Holy Spirit displays through His True children. As we embark upon the long-prophesied chaos of the 'last days' and everything about us falls apart; it is that Love that will keep us; that Love that will protect us and that Love which will attract lost souls to the Truth. Yes; we can preach the True Gospel. Yes; we can witness until the cows come home. But if we have not Love we are but clanging cymbals. The real balance we need is in Word and Spirit together. This can only be held in tension by the Love that proceeds from God. Not our own love [with a small 'l']; strength; passion or idealism.

I am truly thankful for all the friends; acquaintances; brothers; sisters [near and far; in person or not] that have crossed my path. But the question I am asking of myself primarily is this: Where is the Love? This message is not aimed at anyone personally. It's an observation. It's KJS bearing his soul! Live the Love of eternal Life ... live the True Gospel ... that's what I'm really saying here. Where is the joy of our Salvation? How is it displayed? Where is the joy of MY salvation? All are very good and valid questions!

Real Bereans [Acts 17:11] are truly needed; watchmen must warn; evangelists must compel; DO NOT BE DECEIVED and watch that periphery!

God bless you and God bless Israel ... Keith JS ... 28-May-2010

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