Saturday, 20 November 2010


Hello again folks! Sally Richardson [God bless her!] has forwarded this news to me. I really like this man; his teaching and his stance on certain [so-called] 'controversial' subject matter and I wish him all the very best. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jacob; his family; his friends and his supporters worldwide:

"Blessings in Jesus. Jacob Prasch returned from Jordan with a recurrent edema and increased blood pressure plus new [although not serious] changes in his EKG results. He has had a battery of blood chemistries and will be undergoing further medical tests and his medication dosages to control atrial fibrillation and hypertension have been increased. Prayer is requested. After consultation with his cardiologist changes will need to be made to Jacob’s schedule into the forthcoming year. Jacob will be fulfilling his speaking schedule through next month only. He will also still be speaking in a Calvary Chapel in New York where he will be visiting family for New Year and, while already in the USA, he will still address the Phoenix Conference at Calvary Chapel, Tempe, Arizona. No further engagements will take place in late December or January. On his cardiologist’s advice the USA itinerary for February, March, and April will be canceled as will all UK and other engagements in the North of England, Wales, or the Midlands [except Nottingham and Grantham]. As anticipated, there will be no visit to Australia or to New Zealand in 2011. There will also be no Bible study tour of Israel in 2011 and the scheduled September study tour of Greece will likely be rescheduled. The June itinerary for South Africa will be pushed back until late July as his cardiologist recommends a 6 month suspension of heavy travelling except for medical treatments or holiday. No decision has as yet been made concerning Singapore. Jacob will be confined to speaking only around London and the South of England mainly on Sundays and within close driving distance of his home base and the Moriel UK office not requiring long distance travel, long distance driving, frequent jet travel for itineraries and jet lag, etc. In addition to a medically supervised exercise program the plan is for Jacob to use the down time for writing his next book, spending more time with his wife, preparing for their daughter’s wedding, and producing new teaching material for recording, filming, and the internet. Moriel and Jacob apologetically regret these unfortunate cancellations. After the near stroke in Africa last year [which would have likely been fatal] there is medically no sensible alternative. Once again, prayer as always is much appreciated. In Christ."
[end quote]

We all - including yours truly - seriously underestimate the power of prayer. Real Bereans [Acts 17:11] are truly needed; watchmen must warn; evangelists must compel; DO NOT BE DECEIVED and watch that periphery!

God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 20-Nov-2010

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Anonymous said...

Jacob ought to look at the blood pressure lowering machine as used by many 1000s worldwide. This machine was shown on US & UK TV and is called a Resperate and syncronises our breathing with our heartbeat.

The Doctors will just put him on beater blockers and other drugs that will not get him back to full health.

I have ordered a Resperate as I was also tested for BP in Turkey last month and it was rather high. Christine has also put me on the Herbs Hawthorn Berry, Lime Flowers and others. These herbs have been known to stabilise the heart and clear the arteries of plaque build up.

Obviously prayer is a must and also praying against ALL negativity in his life.


Pastor Dave Hall, Living Waters Ministries, Cyprus.