Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Hello again folks! Further to my previous blog earlier this week on Monday 06-Dec-2010 entitled: 
WHEN TWO WRONGS DON'T MAKE A RIGHT [THEORY]!; I was today given this cutting from 'The Sun' newspaper here in England from yesterday's edition. Whereas on Monday there were two [2]'wrong' climate predictions; this latest article revealed that there were actually three [3] false prophecies. And we all know what the biblical definition and result of untrue prognostication is. If they've got it wrong two or three times ... then why trust these scientific 'experts' anyway? As with that THEORY of evolution; this is something else that must needs checking out for one self. This is why it is dangerous when a preconceived agenda uses [so-called] 'science' to reinforce its own mantra and does not investigate facts and evidence in an unbiased; neutral manner. I always advise folks to check things out for themselves ... don't even take on board what I say without some analysis and Bereanology!

Real Bereans [Acts 17:11] are truly needed; watchmen must warn; evangelists must compel; DO NOT BE DECEIVED and watch that periphery!

God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 08-Dec-2010

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