Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Hello again folks! Just after I constructed yesterday's blog entitled: "Miracles For Sale"; it crossed my mind [and that of my wife Julie as well] to share an example of the kind of shameless mail order 'miracles' and downright evil deception has impacted my immediate family - and which was alluded to last night in the Channel Four programme of the same name. I write today to warn you about one of these 'organizations' - the not-so-humbly titled: "World Conquerors Christian Centre".

These events occurred over four [4] years ago and still stick in my throat. And this is why I applaud last nights programme. Here is the text of a letter that I wrote to 'Bishop' Climate Irungu at their Edinburgh HQ back in October 2006:

"I write on behalf of Mrs. Susan Thomas. I have in my possession nine letters from your organization addressed to one Susan “Thonis” or “Tiako” dated between 18th October 2005 and 26th September 2006 and I write with great concern and righteous indignation concerning the contents of these letters.

All of your letters initially paraphrase scripture and then purpose to report that you are specifically praying to or have specifically prayed to the LORD and that the LORD has spoken to you over a variety of situations pertaining to Susan’s life. In addition to this, scripture is taken out of context and are used to espouse the modern Christian doctrinal heresies of word-faith and prosperity now as well as other unbiblical teachings with respect to the nature, authority and power of the devil and that of the believer. I’m particularly concerned that in your letters to Susan, you offer to pray over or “anoint’” her prayer requests if and when you receive an offering from her in a specific time frame.

It is not my intention to write a long letter refuting the error of your teachings. However, it is clear in all the letters here in my possession that you state that the LORD is or has spoken to you clearly and specifically in respect of aspects of Susan’s life. I am writing to inform you that the LORD always speaks through and in accordance with His Word, the Bible; that the Blessed Holy Spirit always points people to the Lord Jesus Christ [not fallen man] and that the Spirit cannot err either in prophecy, doctrine or revelation.

This letter is not intended to personally attack you but to stir you to reconsider your ministry and teachings before the LORD and truly seek His face. Remember that scripture states that judgement begins at the House of God.

I am concerned that you exhibit in your writings the fruit of the false prophet and dreamer of dreams referred to Deuteronomy chapter 13; verses 1-5; Deuteronomy chapter 18; verses 20-22 and also Jeremiah chapter 23; verses 30-32.

You also imply that you can ‘pass on’ the “anointing” on to prayer requests and donations; and that this is dependant upon the receipt of donations from your appeals. The Bible states that there is only one Mediator between God and man; Jesus Christ Himself. Jesus [or ‘Yeshua’ in Hebrew meaning ‘salvation’] the Messiah is the Anointed One. Psalm 133 indicates that the “anointing” comes from Messiah [the beard of Aaron] to the skirts of his [priestly] garments. The “anointing” is not transferred or poured out by man but the Holy Spirit Himself. We can and should take our petitions and requests directly to God as we have a Great, High Priest. No ‘middleman’ is required.

Furthermore, the offering of donations or tithes or offerings in the New Testament church was via the local assembly of believers. Invariably, the scripture states that Paul took offerings to Jerusalem due to famine and/or the persecution of the saints and not a central administration area. He worked at tent making with Aquila and Priscilla so as to not be a financial burden to the local believers. The Macedonians were poor, giving and blessed. They went through tribulation daily.

As I mentioned before, it was not my intention to go into too much detail on these matters. It is of utmost urgency, though, that you repent of the various scripture misappropriations; false prophesying and the making merchandise of believers espoused by your ministry. I believe that if you truly look inward and seek God on these issues, ask Him to forgive you and reveal the true condition of your soul; He will open your eyes and ears to the Truth.

Last, but not least, I come to the primary reason for my sending you this letter. Susan’s last name was Thomas and not “Thonis” or “Tiako”. Susan Thomas died on 14th October 2005 [last year].

You claim to have direct words from the LORD. Your words do not compare with scripture. God does not make mistakes. Thus, I urge you to apologize, repent and return to the LORD. Remember the Word tells us that you; as a “Bishop” [or ‘overseer’]; will be and are accountable to God for your flock and those you minister to.

I have written this letter, not from a position of superiority, but one of humility praying that the LORD will clearly speak to you and that you will publicly repent.

Please do not send any more of these worldly, impersonal, standard letters to Susan, her husband or her children. It is obvious that that are mail shots with your customers name inserted at various points. These are not the ways of the Triune, Matchless God." [end quote]

Needless to say; I need say no more. DECEPTION is the name of the game in the Last Days. Real Bereans [Acts 17:11] are truly needed; watchmen must warn; evangelists must compel; DO NOT BE DECEIVED and watch that periphery!

God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 26-Apr-2011


Anonymous said...

I have just found your letter to the so called self ego driven 'bishop' climate irungu...
just had the metropolitan police here to report latest round of harrasing phone calls - last year it was hundreds of hysterical texts, some of which were glorifying climate irungu.
ALL the 'theology' a disgrace.

Wonder what it takes to get these predators off one's back?
Prayer of course is the only way forward.

Best wishes
yours in christ

Anonymous said...


Did you manage to stop the letters coming and if so then how did you do it?

best wishes

yours in christ

Keith J Sinclair said...

Oddly enough ... we never received another letter from them after I sent mine! And neither did I receive any response. :-)

Anonymous said...

found this earlier on....


Anonymous said...

and this....

miracle soap...quite laughable really


Irungu was fined 25K

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I just received a "personal prophesy" from them where I could tell my name had been inserted throughout. I just stopped reading it. There was no love in it, that also gave it away. It seemed like he was shouting at me. Reminded me of when I go to the state fair every year. "Step right up, win your kid a stuffed animal!" You end up spending 30 bucks on something you could have bought for $5. So dad.

Anonymous said...

You know since i read your blog i have really been following this Bishop Climate, I went to the church that he ministers in London for truth is that I saw him performing Miracle now this baffles me. that I can't deny have you heard his sermons that another mind baffling that make the Bible come so alive. Thank you so much for I could not have know about him if it wasn't for this blog. do you still think that may be I have got it wrong ? oh yes I followed the fine Issue it wasn't Bishop Climate who got fined the Ofcom confirmed to me that it was believe TV that got fined and it wasn't only for bishop climate but all other things that they had done. Please let say the right things

Anonymous said...

His teaching lead me to have serious demonic attacks where I almost died

Anonymous said...

I've come here to have some light shed in my life. The letters Bishop sends me are exactly the same as the ones Keith Sinclair was talking about. Worse,each and everytime I get a letter from Bishop,the Lord supposedly tells him how much I am cursed,how I have armies of demons working against me,and of course,if I pay up,( sow a seed),He will pray for me and the Lord will deliver me,but only if I send the money in a certain time frame! Thank you Lord for opening the eyes and minds of those that love you.

Shulamite said...

I'm glad I found this blog.
Last night I found out in the internet about this ministry where they give FREE prophecies.
I left a prayer request.
Several hours later I got a prophetic word.To be honest it was a word of knowledge rather than a prophecy and it was almost perfect.
Then when I came to the part where I have to follow the instructions (that God gave him for me) which include sending him
money in 10 days in order to be blessed, it turned me off.
As a child of God, I'm entitled to every blessing that Jesus has attained for me on the cross and through His sacrifice He has already paid the price so that I can be saved, delivered, healed, etc...
For many years I allowed a certain prophet to ask and keep asking me for money and every time the amount kept going up.
This was many years ago!
Jesus became curse for us so that ours would be broken!
We don't need to pay anyone in order to be free from any curse, sickness or poverty!
Jesus healed the sick and he raised the dead and He never asked for a seed faith.
God said that His covenant and his seed should come out of Isaac.
Jesus is the Seed that the Father gave us!-The works of God is to believe in the One Whom he sent!
Jesus taught us how to pray to the Father in His Name!
He is the only Mediator between God and men!
I always feel sad when I see people selling the anointing and the gifts that God gave them for free!
Didn't Jesus say "freely you have received, freely give"?

Richard said...

From all you bible scholars, ask yourself why haven't Jesus healed me, why all the blessing promises have not come into my life after all these years. Remember money answereth all things, and when the word seed is sown the thief comes in an uproot it from your heart to steal your faith that had a blessing attached to it. May God open all our eyes because none of us are getting it right, all the former top men of God had errors, all, but your are perfect, that's why you have made it, self deception.

Anonymous said...

Yes he is a miracle worker and on the form there are options as to what amount you pay and then you send it and believe that God has done what your heart desires!!!!
I find him to be very charismatic!

Malisanda said...

I'm also the victim of prophet climate,,he always send me letters saying that I'm cursed nothing will work for me I have to saw a seed so that he will pray and break curses.. Thank you for opening my eyes

Unknown said...

I have been getting these email letters as well from prophet climate and as you said they are contingent upon payment . It's so hurtful to think that God would only help someone if they sent him money . Not the God I know . Your letter was a blessing . Thank you

Unknown said...

Join the club.... Same here....he will send you ketters about how you are curse just to get money from u.... And when you buy something from his store rarely will you re recieve it....the first phrophet i met who when he prays for you ...got swores all over my body

Anonymous said...

this man need investigating he was convicted of attempted rape later i found out he tried to brake up my marriage as soon as i found out i took my children and left he uses the most vulnerable of his congregation.

Anonymous said...

this is true as i am a witness he has a spirit of lust and by his lies using Gods name;pregnates young vulnerable single women in the church and BELIEVE IT OR NOT his wife knows of his pimping behaviour.The Lord knows ALL THINGS SO PLEASE; SEEK HIM IN ALL OUR WAYS AND HE WILL DIRECT OUR PATH(REVEAL ALL TRUTH TO U)!

Anonymous said...

It hurts me to write this and i hope some one help this lady

This woman came to the church to heal her marriages Bishop climate told her to leave her husband and he started to sleep with her telling her God said she will marry a prophet the affair got to her head and she challenge his wife telling her at the Christmas ball she is prettier than her and that she should be his wife from that day that woman is as mad as a hat always coming to the church and the wife uses her as a constant reminder of what happens to the women who sleep with her husband this woman of God laughs at her when she tries to enter the church they trow her out screaming one night i called cab to take me from church the cab driver who i do not know began to tell me the same story telling me to stay away from that place the husband was his friend.

also met a woman who use to go to the church when she saw me she run i met her again in a store she said please i told her i was not at the church anymore she explained that she had a problem with her private and had book hospital appointment for operation she said the first time she saw the man and told him her problem he told her to kneel on the floor and asked God to forgive her for neglecting her body so the problem would stop she said she was so humiliated she left and never went back even though they called her non stop to the point were she changed her number her problem is now fixed

Love said...

Same thing happen to me.... and he kept writing me and wouldn't stop....according to them you are always curse and need to pay a fee....what a jerk..

Anonymous said...

Me too. Brought my life further into misery. Plus, the amount I was giving kept going up. I knew he was false then. I got close to death at least 3 times after following his teachings and giving to him.

Anonymous said...

wow...same thing happen to me ....i got painful sores all over my back after he prayed for me and my life got worse..... i feel so dumb for giving him money kust so he could tell me im curse.....i also had demonic attacks but i forgive him
....you live and then you learn.stay bless everyone.....ps please be careful rarely will you recieve anything from him if you make a purchase....