Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Hello again folks! Some folks over here in the United Kingdom are absolutely outraged at Derren Brown's latest escapade on Channel 4 television entitled: "Miracles For Sale" where an unsuspecting member of the British public was trained and prepared to adopt the guise of a pastor and miracle worker in the United States. Brown's 'chosen one' had six months to learn the trade and flourish as a convincing pastor.

But I, for one, am not outraged at all.What this show proves is that there are an awful lot of crooks, charlatans, swindlers and wolves in sheep's clothing out there in 'Churchianity'. There are even True Christians who are open to the vilest deception and subject to their faith being monopolised and their wallets being fleeced because their doctrine is wrong - they believe that born-again believers cannot be deceived. Yet the Lord Himself via His Word constantly warns BELIEVERS about deception in the end times!

What this programme shows is that a lot of what you see in [so-called] 'Word-Faith movement' is at the very best show business and at the very worst soul destroying. We all know the names of the guilty: Benny Hinn ... Kenneth Copeland ... Creflo Dollar ... the list goes on. This programme proves without a doubt what scams are broadcast wall-to-wall on [so-called] 'Christian' TV.

I was actually comforted to see, at the end of the documentary, the same said 'false' pastor warning believers about the deceivers in their midst who are making themselves rich at the expense of sick, ailing and desperate souls. Oh for some actual REAL Pastors to get up at the pulpit and not hold back like this young man did on here tonight. The programme makers stated quite clearly that they intended to expose the fraudsters and not shipwreck the faith of real and honest believers. I guess the sad thing is that because the church can't or won't put its own house in order; we have someone else to do it.

I was asked tonight: "But what about the real miracles; the real folks truly gifted with this ministry?" My answer was this. Where there is the false that the enemy utilizes to distract and deceive - we must consider that there is the True also that God uses by His grace and mercy to confirm His Word and bless folks - according to His Will. Satan is the master forger but God is the Master. Period. When these programmes are broadcast; I wouldn't be outraged - I would look upon it as an opportunity to show folks a truer course settled upon sound doctrine.

DECEPTION is the name of the game in the Last Days. Real Bereans [Acts 17:11] are truly needed; watchmen must warn; evangelists must compel; DO NOT BE DECEIVED and watch that periphery!

God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 25-Apr-2011


David. said...

I was really pleased to see Derren Brown expose at least some of that which is false within the 'Christian Church.' I believe his actions were entirely sincere, motivated by a true concern.
I believe we are living in the perilous times of great distress that Scripture warns us of, but I wonder if we may have perhaps missed something - the perilous times of great distress - could they perhaps be the danger and distress caused to sincere Christians as they try to wade through lies, and contradictions, false signs, false wonders, and false hopes, as they search for truth within the Christian Church?
For fourteen years I have been warning people about the 'Toronto Blessing,' which, although I was once involved with it, I now sincerely believe to be the powerful deception sent (permitted) by God - 2 Thessalonians ch 2. Also the immense dangers within the false deliverance ministry, and how they provide Satan with a more opportune moment to enslave people, rather than free people.
We must all be baptized in water as we appeal to God for His Gift of Grace, and we must all be baptized with the Holy Spirit, to receive the Spirit of Life, and Truth, which is always attested to with the Gift of 'tongues,' this is how we enter into the narrow way which leads us into fellowship with God, in His Kingdom; and it is love that maintains our relationship.
Paul never said 'do all speak with tongue?' but rather, (yes)do all speak in tongues etc, -BUT eagerly desire the greater gifts.
The punctuation was added about 1000 years ago, but Paul was not asking a question?, he was making a statement!

David said...

'Manifestations of the Toronto Blessing':
Do we realize that the manifestations are actually no more than 'temptations'.
I know how to fall, run, jump, howel, bark, hop, crow, bleat, laugh, etc; and I know what it means to be drunk, and how I might behave if I were drunk - these are all behaviours that I have knowledge of, they are NOT miracles, they are all just behaviours, NOT GIFTS.
I can be persuaded (tempted)to 'perform' these actions/behaviours, if for some reason I am led to believe I should, and so agree to do so, believing them to be a God given 'blessing', a gift - in exactly the same way I can be persuaded (tempted) to steal, lie, fornicate, show pride, greed, etc, but obviously not thinking such things to be a blessing I hope.
But never can I be persauded to speak in tongues, as an ability that I already have, for tongues is not a natural, known, learnt, behaviour, for tongues is a God given gift, that I either have, or have not received, via baptism.
I cannot be persuaded to speak in tongues, for tongues is a gift, but I can be persuaded (tempted) to fall, laugh, hop, run, crow, howel etc etc etc, as these are all known behaviours, actions, but NOT God given gifts - NOT MIRACLES, no, they are just temptations.
All of the Toronto manifestations can have a negative connotation; such as hopping like frogs - see Revelation 16 v 13 - 14. And Satan roams around as a lion, looking for someone to devour - "roar."
And could Satan be playing with words, when it comes to being 'slain in the spirit' - see Jeremiah 25 v 32 - 38.
As for 'laughing in the spirit', I fear we may one day discover that it was all just Satan laughing at us, as he finds expression through us, as he does with countless other temptations.
Yes, the manifestations of the 'Toronto Blessing', are all behaviours that we all know how to do, and could, perhaps, be persuaded (tempted) to do, under certain, deceitful, conditions.
And to finish with, have we noticed how false teaching, and the 'Toronto Blessing', go hand in hand; it is serving its purpose - 2 Thessalonians 2.

David said...

What does it mean to be a 'Christian', well, perhaps not what we have been led to believe.
Jesus was not called 'Christ,' UNTIL HIS BAPTISM - at the age of about 30 years, which marked the the beginning of His ministry.
Jesus was not called The Christ until His baptism, for a very good reason - He was not The 'Christ' until His baptism; He was chosen by God to be The Christ, He was God's ONLY begotten Son, but Jesus too had to be obedient to His Father's ministry, that was given to John the Baptist, and He was obedient, He was, and still is, the example to all of us.
We need to both know, and understand, that the word 'Christ', is a largly untranslated Greek word, which literally means anointed or anointing - therefore when we call Jesus The 'Christ', we are very simply saying - 'Jesus The anointed One'. When we say 'The Christ', we are saying 'The anointed One', meaning - Jesus.
If we used the Hebrew language, we would use the word Messiah, for it means the same - anointing or anointed, we might equally call ourselves 'Messiahians' for it means the same as 'Christians', just in a different language.
Why does it matter? It always matters that we have a sufficient understanding of another language and culture, if we are going to be able to avoid error as we seek to learn from their written expression.
The anointing Jesus received at His baptism, was the anointing with His Father God's Own Holy Spirit, The Spirit Whom empowered Him, and led Him, and resurrected Him; The Holy Spirit of His conception also; The Spirit of all Creation, Who moved over the waters, Who dwelt with mankind within the Arc of the Covenant, The Spirit called 'Wisdom', and The 'Master Craftsman'. The Spirit of Whom John the Baptist spoke, of Whom Jesus spoke, and of Whom the disciples spoke. The Holy Spirit Who has been given to dwell within us also, UPON THE DAY OF OUR OWN BAPTISM WITH GOD'S HOLY SPIRIT, OUR OWN 'DAY OF PENTECOST', if only we will believe, repent, and obey, and seek to be baptized, both with water, and Spirit, just as Jesus commanded us to be - John ch 3 v 1 - 36.
Jesus gave His life as an atonement for us, that Grace may allow The Holy Spirit to dwell within us - apart from Grace, the purity of God's Spirit would kill us, just as in the past, to touch the Arc, and enter the Holy of Holies, could be lethal.

So, if the word 'Christ' simply means anointed or anointing, and The 'Anointing' is The Holy Spirit, Whom we receive via baptism, via the laying on of hands,and Who gives us the attesting sign of tongues, do we now better understand our claim of being a 'Christian', for it has never meant 'follower', or 'believer'; it means 'anointed', baptized with The Holy Spirit, Who is Himself, The 'Anointing', The 'Oil', The 'Wedding Garment'.
LUKE 12 v 49 - 53.
"I have a baptism to be baptized with (for us to be baptized with), and how distressed I am (patiently waiting, and hoping) till it is accomplished (My Gospel is preached in all the World, that as many as possible may be saved)."

".....He will baptize you with The Holy Spirit and fire."

"If you love Me, you will keep My commandments."

"You must be born again."

Jesus was the Firstborn (baptized / anointed) of many, we can be among the many, if we will obey, if we will repent and be baptized, in both water, and with The Holy Spirit - "enter by the narrow way."


David said...

Hello everyone.

I have just read a little from a blog called "Gold Manifestations."

It concerns claims of Gold dust in a persons hair.

I found it disturbing to see how the author talks down to people, to weave his web; we have, without any problems, been able to identify gold for thousands of years, yet not so now he might claim. Do not let him fool us!

He misuses science to cause people to doubt their ability to reason; do not let him do that to us.

Take a look, and see what you think.