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Hello again folks! Some albums are like a pair a shoes - you need to wear them in a few times so that they become comfortable. Some albums get your attention the very first time you hear them. "Across The Divide" by Dave Scott-Morgan is definitely in the latter category. The former ELO man has put together a great set of eleven [11] songs that not only vary in tempo and style but also contain pensive lyrics which not only convey his Christian faith, in part, but deliver some really catchy tunes with a message.

Track listing: [#1] "Benediction"; [#2] "Normal Day"; [#3] "Mission Impossible"; [#4] "Samson and Delilah"; [#5] "Ball and Chain"; [#6] "Cold City"; [#7] "Shanty Town Blues"; [#8] "Robin's Song"; [#9] "Post War Baby"; [#10] "Girl In A Jaguar"; [#11] "Across The Divide"

There are very definite ELO and Beatles influences here. The album - produced by former ELO bassist Martin Smith - has some acoustically driven numbers and some more complex constructions too. For instance, the Biblical storytelling of: "Samson and Delilah" could be a Bob Dylan number, "Post War Baby" sounds like the next chapter to Dave's huge hit: "Hiroshima" and "Girl In A Jaguar" is so very Beatlesque in nature. And because there are so many fine songs on here with so many different styles all headed by Dave's solid wide-ranging vocals, the album is absolutely balanced and instantly likeable. Some of these songs have been waiting to be finished for quite a long time but, as with fine wine, one has had to wait to savour the final result. "Benediction" is a stunning opener followed by the folksy-bluesy: "Normal Day""Mission Impossible""Cold City" and "Robin's Song" have those familiar ELO hooks with: "Shanty Town Blues" [featuring Fitzroy Storrod on Piano] being the Blues indeed. "Ball and Chain" could be another Bob Dylan or even a Wilburys track. This whole album is my favourite track!
In his own words: "Morgan or 'Dave Scott-Morgan aided and abetted by a fusillade of fine musicians'. In the last century Dave was part of the world famous group, ELO - and also the writer of a major European hit [Ed. "Hiroshima"]. When he's not playing songs, Dave teaches people to fly aeroplanes and he was once the pastor of a church in Birmingham, his home city. This album bravely melds myriads of styles, mixing conventional recording techniques with an innovative creativity and energy you'd expect from a rock 'n' roller from the Old School. It also contains the wry Brummie tongue-in-cheek element that propelled stars into the limelight from its earthy and pithy launch pad. But take it seriously if you want to!" [end quote]

You can read about and/or download the album for just $9.99 or £6.41 each [or any of the tracks individually] and/or buy the CD for just £10.99 each via these links:

HERESY WATCH recommends and endorses: "Across The Divide" by: Dave Scott-Morgan. I'm also hoping to interview Dave for both ELOBF and HERESY WATCH in the near future.

God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 12-Nov-2012

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