Monday, 31 December 2012


Hello again folks! I do agree most heartily with the principle of: "agree to disagree" if and when folks are not on the same page. This applies to business sometimes, politics sometimes but, it seems to me, that it is hard to apply to Christians when they are welded to their movements theories, practices or 'Articles of Faith' et al. Yes, some doctrines such as the Godhood of Jesus Christ and infallibility of His Word, are immutable and immovable and a stake in the ground.

But the belief systems around Cessationism and the Pre-Tribulation rapture theory seem to me these days to be more a battleground than a forum for discussion. Indeed, some fellowships cannot "agree to disagree"about what I term "secondary theology" and are so "sold out on their movements oft man-made biblical wrestling that many folks, like me, are left out in the cold - so to speak over the timing of the rapture rather than something much more serious. This is frustrating yet another "sign of the times".

Please promise me this in 2013: If a "Peace Deal" centred in Jerusalem [Israel] is signed and a man arises with a Plan to reinvent the worlds faltering economy in 2013, you will not be one of those who "fall away" because you were wrong, were taught wrong or you are just plain disappointed that you will not escape the coming Tri-Bul-ation. Whatever we believe and/or however we interpret the Word [or our leaders and Pastors], God will perform His Word in His Time and in accordance with His Will.

Please also remember this: The most effective deceivers are those who are themselves deceived. May the LORD truly bless you in 2013.

Real Bereans [Acts 17:11] are truly needed; watchmen must warn; evangelists must compel; DO NOT BE DECEIVED and watch that periphery!

God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 31-Dec-2012

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colin said...

Hello Keith,
I have strayed over here from Shofar!
As you well know these sort of things happen! I delivered my wife from Wolverhampton, and several years later we took on a Lurcher Cross, a stray dog rescued (again!) from that fine place where the Doog used to kick a ball!
After all the niceties, now down to the insults!
I must disagree with you: Does the bible actually teach 'secondary theology'? I very much agree that I have heard this terminology bandied about, however 'error is error? And more error will lead to even more error?
You singled out 'cessationism and the pre tribulation rapture theory'.
Personally, I believe that any false teaching regards the next great crisis in the history of the world, to be any thing but secondary? Can you tell me what is more serious than this? Granted; we all want to see a sinner coming to faith and repentance in the Lord Jesus Christ, and indeed, our lives should be a witness for the Saviour. Having said that, once we believe, is not the bible our code to life? Some think we are 'not under law'; hath God said?
Not long ago, I didn't consider that little lies, or white lies, so-called, were harmful? How wrong I was! A lie, is a lie, is a lie! It matters not how pious and godly a preacher may perform on the pulpit, if he is teaching a 'first Resurrection before the first Resurrection; it is what? A lie!
Indeed, I heartily agree with you that 'The most effective deceivers are those who are themselves deceived'.
This 'secondary theology' thing, however, if you think about it, if it does exist, must be EVERY DOCTRINE other than salvation? This leads me to say that the repentant thief had it easy on the cross? (that said, who would want THAT death?)
I shouldn't think his eschatological views were up to much!!?
To sign off, yes, I don't believe there is a TRUE Christian alive that would say a correct understanding of the rapture timing is a pre requisite to salvation, BUT! Having said that, if you believe that we are in the last days, as I do, the Saviour's words in Matthew 24.4, should ring in our ears?
We ARE in days of ever increasing apostasy, and exponential ungodliness.

God bless you!

And as for tongues,spiritual gifts, etc...another time!