Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Recommended Reading for 2009

#168: Hello again folks! 2008 is drawing to a close and, for me, it has been a year of ups and downs. I am still amazed at believers attitudes to the question of the timing of the rapture.
The 'sacred cow' seems to be the theory that is the pre-tribulation rapture and any discussion or debate on the subject appears to bring about much angst to its proponents. True believers should be True Bereans and that means that they should look at what I call secondary doctrines such as the timing of the rapture with an investigative mind.
What I find is not a checking of the scriptures to see it is so; but a manic, legalistic defence of the pre-trib theory ... at any cost. I applaud anyone who has the firmness of mind to check these things out for themselves in the Word without the motive of simply defending what they have been taught by their pastor, church or college. There is nothing wrong in testing and checking the pre-trib theory in light of the whole counsel of scripture.
So, for you my friend[s], I have a challenge and a recommendation in one. Try reading one or both of these two [2] books. Just read them with an open mind ... check them out ... and then dismiss, accept or critique them to your hearts content. The point I would like to make is this. If the pre-trib theory [which is implicit at best but not explicit in the Bible ... in my opinion] is right then all well and good. But ... if it is wrong and the mid-trib; post-trib or pre-wrath rapture theorems turn out to be nearer the truth as the end times play out ... then you will be PREPARED [think on those foolish virgins]. That's all I'm suggesting here. Neither book is perfect but both are easy to read; have lots of graphs, glossaries and explanations to suit all tastes. If after investigating you decide to stick with the pre-trib scenario ... fair enough ... at least you would have been biblical in checking it out.
Remember that Paul was not offended that the Bereans wanted to test what he preached and taught. Then neither should colleges, certain authors and institutions; church movements &/or pastors be offended if one questions this most sensitive of issues. The early True church did not escape chronic persecution; neither did it escape tribulation in the Middle Ages and neither will it at the end of days. Shalom ... and thank you for reading this blog from the bottom of my heart.
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 31-Dec-2008

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The Gazan Gambit

#167: Hello again folks! Man is fallen; Israelis/Jews make mistakes and so do arabs/gentiles. The situation in Gaza is not as "complex" as the mass media tell us it is. But we need to understand what is really going on in southern Israel. Any loss of innocent civilian life is sad and regrettable but we see here the fundamental differences between islam and other 'religions'. That is ... the love of death versus the value and sanctity of life. Let us remind ourselves what is happening down in Gaza:

  • For over two years; missiles have been fired randomly by Hamas into southern Israel hitting the towns of Sderot; Ashkelon and now Ashdod as well as dwellings in the Negev.
  • The means of delivering these rockets have been hidden either in or between or next to residential habitations [whether the Gazan citizen 'on-the-street' really wants this or he/she has been 'persuaded' to co-operate by their friendly local Hamas 'officials' is debatable]; Do you remember Avi Lipkin's 'Edmonton Revelation'???
  • The media in general has not overly reported the incessant and continuous missile hits that the residents of southern Israel have endured for the last two years - even during the so-called 'ceasefire' in the last six [6] months. Apparently; Israeli/Jewish lives lost are not as newsworthy as those of others in the region.
  • The people of Gaza 'democratically' voted in Hamas ahead of Fatah. The Hamas charter includes their major goal of not only not ever recognizing the Jewish nation of Israel but also its total destruction. This aligns with the true islamic goal of a worldwide ummah with those 'monkeys and pigs' i.e. what the koran calls christians and Jews; either being removed or classed as dhimmis. Hamas is a truly islamic political entity with islamic goals.
So, where are we at? The Gazans have what they asked for. The Israeli government has tried [hopefully for the last time] the 'land for peace' stratagem. But it won't work with true islamists ... who are allowed to make false covenants and lie in their jihad if it gains them ground or gives them time to develop superior military advantage.

The mass media of the world will almost uniformally condemn Israel and the 'quartet' of political 'leading' nations will call for an unconditional, permanent ceasefire. Which Israel will keep but Hamas will not as history shows that the 'palestinians' have not kept one of their pledges from the Oslo Accord. And the circle of events will keep repeating ... unless Hamas is taken out. But don't forget that Fatah is not a lot better. Their goals towards the Israelis/Jews are the same as Hamas. They indoctrinate their children too from the age of two upward to hate Jews and by extension Israel.

The concept of democracy is totally alien and opposite to the 'theocracy' that is islam. But it is a tool to gain power, favour and ultimately victory over the 'dar el harb' [the 'house of war'] or the 'infidels'. The UN; the EU; our weak government here in the UK and the incoming new regime in the US have never grasped the real deal with islam. All we hear is that islam is a religion of peace and it's god is the same god as that of the Jews and True Christians. The evidence is to the contrary.

The only answer to all this isn't the destruction of Hamas or even islam [although it needs to be confronted and tamed]. The only answer is repentance and a living faith in the finished work of Messiah Yeshua. He is returning soon ... and the [world] government will be on His shoulders alone ... the best ever government and a perfect theocracy. In the meantime; please pray for the salvation of Jews, gentiles, arabs, muslims, Israelis alike. And don't believe what is being broadcast on your local news channel without checking it out for yourself. Remember that we are all fallen and likely to make mistakes. The issue in Gaza; the so-called 'West Bank'; Lebanon et al is the same. Islam versus the world. Having had the opportunity to visit southern Israel this year and hear what is happening 'on-the-ground' with my own ears and see with my own eyes the ongoing situation; it has taken several attempts to write this blog in a heartfelt and matter-of-fact manner. Truth really is at a premium in these 'last days'. But it is the Truth that will really set you free. Shalom!

God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 30-Dec-2008

Friday, 26 December 2008

Entertaining Angels

#166: Hello again folks! I love the record and video by Newsboys called "Entertaining Angels"; and today's article is on a similar topic. The following article on is self explanatory. The picture opposite may give you an insight as to what those shepherds saw at the the herald of Messiah Yeshua's first advent or what Elisha saw what all seemed lost .. or what you need to see if you are fervently praying for someone or something.
The writer of Hebrews [Paul?] said that we can entertain angels unawares, particularly when we are welcoming or giving or we are good samaritans not seeking immediate reward ... just because we are blessing people because we want to or we are obedient to God. So please have a look at this article and be blessed:-
At this time of year people are thinking about giving ... they are admittedly thinking about grabbing bargains and doing a whole host of other more honourable things too. Some people are doing the most awful things ... my nephew was burgled on Christmas Eve ... his children's gifts stolen and home ransacked. In the USA; a man dressed as Santa killed seven [7] people at a family party. We live in a fallen world; there is still a faint glow of the original glory of God's creation ... just look at the Northern Lights or a Fire Rainbow here ...
You can see that, despite everything, God really is still in control ... in the natural and in the supernatural. You never know ... you may be protected by; visited by or you may entertain unaware ... angels ... messengers of God. So keep believing ... for faith pleases God.
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 26-Dec-2008

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Reason for the Season [2]

#165: Hello again folks! I would like to take this opportunity [despite the fact that Jesus was not born on December 25th!] to wish all visitors to my blogspot a peaceful and Christ-centred holiday.
I would also like to remind readers of the blessings involved in blessing the people ordained by God to be His nation. The nation of Israel is not perfect by any means ... but it will be when the Lord returns to take His place as King.
The Jewish people are still [after nearly 2,000 years] blinded spiritually with regard to believing, acknowledging and receiving their Messiah Yeshua en mass [although not a few have been saved] but we should still be praying for the peace of Jerusalem [Psalm 122:6-7]; for their security and most importantly; their salvation. If celebrating Christmas is about anything; it should also be about the fact that Jesus Christ is Jewish; born of a Jewish mother married to a Jewish man in the land of Israel; Whose elected disciples were Jewish and Whose 'ekklesia' [or "called out ones" - the early True Church] was initially, mostly Jewish too. For me; 'Christ-mass' is a time to thank God not only for the birth of our Saviour; the Lord Jesus Christ; but for the bigger picture too. His faithfulness to the descendants of Abraham is a marker for us gentile believers too. So; once again; "Happy Christmas" to you and "Thank you" to God for His people Israel!

God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 24-Dec-2008

Failure to Deliver

#164: Hello again folks! Happy Christmas Eve! Being one of those souls who have to go to work today [am I lucky or unlucky in this?]; I was trawling breakfast news TV this morning as I motivated myself for work. One of the channels [I think ITV] had a woman vicar on it for a few minutes talking to the presenter about the real meaning of Christmas &/or the irrelevance of 'religion' a la 'christianity' [the CoE brand me thinks]. This was after an article on BBC News highlighting a 'small' group of believers who are trying to stop the dumbing down of Christmas carols and hymns that have the audacity to speak of God as a 'He' etc. [good luck to them ... they are in a 'David & Goliath' stand against a very intolerant [at least against True Christianity] PC crowd.
Back to the vicar. She stated a number of times that the meaning of Christmas [to you and me: saturnalia] was to celebrate the gift of a small baby born in poverty; even a refugee ... the gift of God to the world. That was it. No mention of of the real reason why God gave us this gift of a 'babe in swaddling clothes'. Most importantly ... no mention of the 'S' words ... SIN or SINNERS that are in dire need of salvation; or that this the the real reason for the season. Another opportunity lost. A few precious minutes to put out the True Gospel wasted. Once again fluffed by the public face of the CoE. Another failure to deliver. May most of us that are minded that way seek to at least remind one [1] person this 'christ-mass' as to the what it's all about.
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 24-Dec-2008

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Shalom: Happy Hanukkah!

#163: Hello again folks! It's Hanukkah again ... much more significant than saturnalia a.k.a. 25th December; my personal belief being that the Lord was born during the Feast of Tabernacles anyway! Here is a great piece by Jerry Golden - a good man of God if ever there were one - on the history and significance of Hanukkah; which this year falls from Kislev 24th until Tevet 2nd or begins on the night of December 21st for eight [8] nights. "The Feast of Dedication" or Hanukkah - you will not find this holiday in Leviticus chapter 23 with the seven Feasts of the Lord. But you will it in John chapter 10; verse 22 and other places as well. I think it may be necessary to do a little history here before going on; this will not be a history lesson, just a little background.
The time was around 167BC or, if you are Jewish, BCE. Prior to this date, a young ruler named Alexander the Great, ruled the entire ancient world. This period of time is referred to as “the Hellenistic [Greek] period”. His untimely death caused a power struggle and four of his generals split up the kingdom. The one that ended up with Israel was Antiochus IV. This new ruler of Israel commanded everyone to convert to Hellenism [Greek Metrology] and the Greek values that he held. Many did, even many of the Jews of the land because they found it to be a very civilized way of life.
But, there were those Jews who held close to the Torah and God’s way of worship and refused to embrace Hellenism. In fact, Antiochus gave the Jews an ultimatum, to either give up their distinctive customs, such as worshipping on the Sabbath [Saturday], Circumcision, and Kosher Laws, or die.
One of the first things Antiochus did was to desecrate the Holy Temple. He ordered the utensils, such as the Menorah, Altar, and Table to be defiled and torn down. Then to be certain that he had accomplished his job, he ordered a pig to be sacrificed on the holy altar. After doing all of that, he order that a Greek god Zeus be worshipped in the Temple . When Antiochus heard that the people were murmuring and talking about revolt against him, he marched his troops to a town in the foothills called Modi’in. His plan was to erect a false god in the city and force the people to worship it. Modi’in was the home of a priest named Mattathias who had five sons. He and his sons revolted and killed the soldiers and began the revolt against this evil ruler. One of Mattathias’s sons was Judah, and he became the new leader and was quickly nicknamed “Maccabee” ['the Hammer' in Hebrew]. To bring this piece of history to a close, we will just report that Maccabee and his men defeated the Greek armies and got rid of Antiochus.
The Maccabees now faced the task of restoring the Temple for Jewish worship to their Holy God. They cleansed the Temple and restored the furnishings. There was special attention given to the Menorah, for it symbolized the Light of God. They restored it and when they went to light it, they found there was a problem. This Menorah could only be used with special oil, and it took eight days to prepare such oil. They found enough of this special oil to burn only one day. To celebrate the victory of the battle fought for their religious liberty, they decided to light the Menorah anyway and allow the light of God to shine forth with its glory, even if but for a day. But God gave them a miracle, and the oil lasted eight days, until the new oil was made ready. So today we have the eight days of the Feast of Dedication “Hanukkah.” It is also why you will see a nine branch Menorah instead of seven in most Jewish homes. It represents the miracle of the eight days the oil burned; the ninth branch [in the center] is the Shamash [Servant Lamp], which represents the Messiah.
There are many customs and traditions that brings one closer to God and understanding of His greatness associated with this holiday, but I want to keep this as short as possible. Each night for eight nights a candle is lighted. The Shamash [the center] is always lit first, for it is from the Messiah that all light flows. It is then used to light each candle for the eight nights. Blessing is said and songs about Hanukkah sung. Gifts are given to the children each of the eight nights. During the lighting of the Shamash and the other candles are lit with the Shamash, the following blessings are said. I will try to write the Hebrew in English letters for you, I hope I do it correctly.
A little advice in lighting the candles, you place them in the Menorah from right to left, but you light them with the Shamash from left to right.
Blessed are you, O Lord our God, King of the universe, who has set us apart by your commandments and commanded us to kindle the light of Hanukkah.
So after lighting the candles and singing the Hanukkah songs, you set down for a festive meal, each night for eight nights.
A good portion of the aboved noted events will be replayed during the time of the antichrist [a la the 'time of Yacov's trouble' a.k.a. 'the Tribulation']; but instead of defiling the temple with swine; he himself will sit in the temple some 1,260 days [3.5 years x 360 days] after the 'covenant of sheol' was signed/confirmed and he will declare himself [as] god. Those very days are fast approaching. Do not be deceived and do not be betrayed by others or by your own wisdom/understanding. Get some oil in yer lamp! And ... "Happy Hannukah!"
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 23-Dec-2008

Monday, 22 December 2008

Just as in the Days of Noah!

#162: Hello again folks! I'm back!!! As we approach Christmas ... er ... Saturnalia and the New Year [2009]; there are so many things and events that deserve comment. It's been a strange 'ol year hasn't it? But I want to keep a promise first and present this proposition.
The scriptures detail quite concisely the social scenario and spiritual stage of the days of Noah of our common ancestor ... Noah [and by extension Adam]. We know that following the fall of man and the sudden occurrence of the first murder; things went downhill relatively quickly. The water canopy-covered; ideal environment of the antediluvian [pre-flood] world bred immense growth of both population and spiritual wickedness.
I've had a number of debates about whether Noah; that righteous preacher; witnessed for 100 or 120 years before or while he built the Ark. The point is he was faithful and obedient.
Two principle events; as recorded in the book of Genesis; are referred to specifically by the Lord Jesus Christ when He spoke about the time of the end. He said that the general manner of life would be 'normal'; [i.e. people eating; drinking; spousing; espousing et al]. He said that the [second] coming of the Son of Man would be just as in the days of Noah and as in the days of Lot. A reference to the calm before the storm of the Noadic flood and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The Lord also said that there would be a great apostacy or 'falling away' [as did the Apostle Paul] at that time. So we will see past biblical events being replayed in the last days in the ultimate fulfillment of Bible prophecy and eschatology.
An idea occurred to me ... just how 'as' ... "as in the days of Noah" literally did Jesus intend this prophetic alarm to be? The Word should be rightly divided. Usually; if the Lord told a parable; He would present it as such. If the Psalmist wrote prose or poetry ... it was such and if the writer of Genesis wrote historic and/or scientific fact; it was such. We should take the Book of the Lord literally unless otherwise advised.
Now another thought then occurred to me ... JUST as in the days of Noah ... what if there was a falling away here too? I'm not saying that eight [8] people couldn't have built the Ark in 100 years to time, plan and God's economy; just that maybe Noah was initially a little more successful in his message of repentance and that; despite the spreading wickedness; despite the fact that no-one had even seen or heard of 'rain' before [and Noah having the unfair label of being the world's worst preacher/evangelist in terms of 'numbers' since]; what if Noah had a few more than eight 'disciples' to start with? [Remember: he didn't know the timescale of God's jugdement]. What if all those helpers gradually 'fell away' as the predicted catastrophe didn't happen as they thought it would? Any bells ringing? What if all he really was left with to finish the job was the 'remnant' of his wife; his three sons and their wives? Imagine the other family members who didn't make it. Just maybe Noah was the ultimate man of faith to carry on, a day at a time - for 100 years or 36,000 days - while all around him lost their heads? Even close friends and family! Despite everything. Like Job.
So ... when the Lord said "Just" as in the days of Noah ... did He really mean it on many different levels? Are the end times are a dramatic finale and literal replay of those early times? Should we expect True believers to fall away and even betray their brothers and sisters in Christ [as did Judas Iscariot - the man of perditon]? One thing I do know; the Lord warned about this also.
One of the major end time markers is DECEPTION [Remember: how many times did Jesus warn the 'ekklesia' or His 'called out ones' to 'be NOT deceived'?]
The other one [a replay of His first advent is some way] is BETRAYAL [fathers/mothers against their own sons/daughters and vice versa et al].
So please maybe re-consider these important Words from the Lord. Maybe; JUST maybe; JUST as in the days of Noah means JUST as in the days of Noah. We need to take our blinkers off and re-read and meditate on the Word. Chew it over ... that's what biblical meditation really is ... going over fallowed ground afresh under the illumination of the Holy Spirit. I'd love to hear your comments/thoughts on this subject! And it's great to be back!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 22-Dec-2008

Friday, 19 December 2008


#161: Hello again folks! This is a quick posting to apologize [again] for the lack of blogs!!! I've so much to say and write [even both at the same time!] and I feel so frustrated ... I've been a little under the weather lately with an 'orrible sore throat and rank cough. So please be patient with me; keep checking out the 'ol blog and, of course, please pray for me; and my family. One more thing ... keep watching events in Israel ... very closely ... and remember to peek beneath the headlines at what REALLY is going on. Speak to you again - soon!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 19-Dec-2008

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Recommended: Post Tribulation Forum [Bob Mitchell]

#160: Hello again folks! The 'JUST as in the days of Noah' blog is on it's way but I must tell you first about Bob Mitchell's new blogspot; reference the post-tribulation rapture view.
If you have been a regular visitor to this blogspot; you will be aware that I, like Bob, am not an adherent to the pre-tribulation rapture theory [and it is a theory]. My personal belief in the pre-wrath rapture view [that the rapture is after satan's wrath but before God's wrath a la the sixth [6th] seal or thereabouts] differs slightly from Bob's but we are 'united' in challenging and critiquing the pre-trib view. I wish with all my heart that it was the correct view but I 'fear' it is not.
The pre-trib theory is at best implicit in scripture but not explicit. Have a look at my previous blogs: "The Pre-Wrath Rapture"; "False Shepherds?" and "Questions for a Pre-Tribulationist" to get a handle on where I'm coming from on this issue. I am a little controversial but the 'sacred cow' of the pre-trib view must be examined and tested if one is to correctly and rightly divide the Word of Truth and call oneself a True Berean. This is the link to this exciting new blog and I shall be shortly adding it onto my recommended picks:
You may be interested to know that I shall be submitting some articles on this new blog via Bob. I'd rather be prepared for the worst and it not happen rather than not be prepared [a la the ten virgins of Matthew chapter 25] and it does happen! Forewarned is fore-armed my friends ... a true watchman warns and sounds the shofar. Even more so in these days of deception ...
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 10-Dec-2008

Friday, 5 December 2008

Bright Lights

#159: Hello again folks! It's a good job I delayed the issuing of this blog! Following on from an earlier blog entitled "White Lines"; this article also stems from my motoring around on these roads in England and Wales. Whether or not my eyesight is getting worse; I've noticed lately just how many other drivers have maladjusted front lights or wait until the last possible moment before turning off their 'full beam'. Last night some unknown personage who couldn't judge the width of their car and the width of their side of the road clipped my wing mirror. I was about four [4] inches from a collision and a foot [12"] from a head-on crash! But I'm OK! God really does employ His angels ... even over undeserving souls like moi. I only need to replace my [expensive] wing mirror and nothing else! If a cat has nine [9] lives; how many do I?
So finishing off this blog today has real significance. You see while being regularly blinded on these winter nights by other drivers - for whatever reason - I got to thinking: that too much light is as bad as too little. In the same way that fast drivers are dangerous; so are slow ones. We are told to not look directly into the sun for good reason - one can be blinded. Too little light and all you can see is shadow and dusk; outline and twilight. Too much light and at best you can only squint and see the periphery.
Often what happens in the natural is mirrored in the spiritual. Too much light is not always good. The Holy Bible speaks of believers who can only handle milk; meat is out of the question. They are carnal; still trying to master the flesh. Too much Truth or light will startle then; shock them or cause them to shrink back. I am ashamed to admit that in the past I have maybe put a little too much food on the table or light in the eyes of some souls who have crossed my path. I had the right motive but maybe the wrong delivery or timing. Baby believers need nurturing and weaning off milk .. onto rusks ... and progressively to solids. So is the case with discipling and helping new/young born-again believers on the road to glory. One day at a time as God leads is the way. Some are gifted in certain areas meaning they start fast and move quickly. Some need grounding and foundations strengthening for their walk. But too much light too soon or the wrong mix too soon are as bad as none at all. Like developing photographic film.
The end-times True Church will be just like the early Church. Persecuted; poor; in peoples homes but full of fellowship, prayer, communion, community and all kinds of spiritual gifting. Part of that 'mix' will be the need for real; authentic discipleship [Jesus said to go and make disciples; He didn't say to go and make converts - Rick Warren and Nicky Gumbel please note!]. Bright lights blind as does intense light; but in the right measure light reveals all in context and panorama. And so it is in the spiritual realm. To quote a character from that 80's TV series "Hill Street Blues" ... 'Let's be careful out there!"
Next blog: JUST as in the days of Noah ... literally: A new view.
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 05-Dec-2008

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Mumbai Musings

#158: Hello again folks! These are my thoughts on what transpired last week in Bombay. The massacre in Mumbai was, of course, truly awful and represents just how depraved fallen man has become. Wall to wall media coverage really brings it all home. Most of the headlines have centred on whether India had prior knowledge of the plot via the USA and whether there was any Pakistani involvement [directly or indirectly]. People and organizations like Jerry Golden and the Simon Wiesenthal Centre have been vocal in the area of what I believe is being deliberately NOT reported by the BBC and its ilk.
That is that this was an islamic 'attack'. When you consider that the perpetrators main targets were Jewish or those who held American or British passports; it should give you a clue. This attack was a truly islamic inspired jihadic operation. The murder of the six [6] Jewish personages at the outreach centre of Chabad Lubavitch was reported but not the reasons for this supposed 'shock' attack.
The islamic koran calls Jews and Christians the sons of pigs and monkeys. It promotes either their eradication or their second or third class status as 'dhimmis'. The true islamist takes his or her koran at its true meaning and enters jihad for allah. The 'terrorists' who did this did it to please allah and to earn paradise. The house of peace went to battle with the house of war. These deluded souls were true muslims. They were not 'fundamentalists' [as if there are non-fundamentalist muslims elsewhere!]; they planned and executed this attack on Jews, Christians, infidels and polytheists [in their own words] and it wasn't the fault of Pakistan; Afghanistan; the USA; the UK or Israel ... and it had nothing to do with the 'palestinians' either. It was to do with islam. Plain and simple. It is this root cause and this fact that the mass media - in fulfilling the wishes of islamic/arab oil bloc and their friends in the UN; CFR et al - have, unsurprisingly, failed to report.
Remember this ... Jews; arabs; muslims; socialists; communists; atheists; capitalists and any other 'ists' need to hear, receive and accept the True Gospel. That they are sinners in need of salvation via the finished work and Person of Yeshua; the Son of God; Who presented Himself - ONCE and FOR ALL - on the cross in our place; Who died; rose again and is currently seated at the right hand of the Father and Who is returning ... soon and very soon. I'm not against muslims; I'm for them ... they need the Lord Jesus Christ because allah is not YHWH; Jehovah or the God of the bible ... you work it out.

God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 02-Dec-2008

Top Urgent Prayer Request

#157: Hello again folks! Welcome to December. Please could you pray for my good friend Bob Mitchell's brother Brian who is; unless the Lord intervenes dramatically [and He could]; dying of cancer. Please pray for his salvation; for the Lord to reveal Himself to Brian; please also pray for Bob and Maria at this time; that they would be increased in faith and wisdom and that they would have the right word at the right time for the right people. I pray that these sad events in the natural will bring joy in the spiritual for Bob and his family.

God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS .. 02-Dec-2008