Thursday, 12 March 2009

The True Colours of Islam [2]

#227: Hello again folks! Within the space of a couple of days, we have all been reminded of the true face of islam today in the UK. Firstly was that tirade against Jade Goody and now it is the vehement display of hatred against British soldiers returning home from duty in Iraq. It seems that these islamic wolves are shedding their sheeps clothing. This is the report that was published on the BBC News web-site on Tuesday:

The BBC article stated that the anti-war protesters held placards saying "Anglian Soldiers Go To Hell" and "Butchers of Basra". They also shouted slogans such as "Terrorists" and "Not in the name of allah". These same protesters then had to be protected by police.

Please note that, as far as I can determine, ALL these protesters were muslims. They do indeed have the freedom to protest under the constitution of the United Kingdom. And they were protected by British police officers. Not one of them was arrested when technically; if they are UK citizens; they could be called traitors. They could not protest like this in Iran or Saudi Arabia or Syria against the governments there. Even though they are islamic countries.

The islamic ummah honestly think and believe, after years of their gradual increase in numbers as a proportion of the British population and after the constant capitulation by degrees of the political and religious establishment here in the UK, that they have won the battle ['jihad'] and this nation for allah. They have no loyalty to any nation state other than to the moon god allah and the islamic caliphate that they are actively working toward.

The One Triune God loves muslims too. He wants them to repent and turn to Him as much as any other people. That involves turning from allah to YHWH; from the false to the True ... Yeshua. And whilst all this is happening; Britain is entering an unprecedented period of Divine Judgement as a result of her rejection of God and its Judeo-Christian precepts. So please continue to pray for the True Salvation of muslims; Jade Goody and this once Great Britain. And then, maybe some good will come out of these horrible events, echoing these words of Wisdom:
"But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive." [Genesis 50:20]

God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 12-March-2009

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