Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Three Times Thrice

#870: A recent re-reading of the Gospel of Mark has been a real blessing. Aside from the roll call of amazing miracles performed by the LORD Jesus Christ and His disciples. This writer noticed another set of interesting happenings towards its finale that I wanted to bring to your attention ...

The disciples fell asleep three times whilst Jesus prayed  (Mark 14:34-42)
Peter denied Jesus on three times after His arrest (Mark 14:66-72)
According to Mark, Jesus appeared three times to His disciples following His resurrection: To Mary Magdalene, to the two on the road to Emmaus and the eleven disciples (Mark 16:1-14)

Sometimes when we are low or lacking in faith or are disappointed in ourselves, when we think that we have strayed too far or when we are under attack, it would do us well to remember that the disciples were quite human themselves even as first eyewitnesses to the LORD Jesus Christ.

They fell asleep, they fled, they denied Him and did not believe the reports of His rising from the dead. Whilst we should never take the LORD for granted, we should also remember that God is full of grace and truth, patience, longsuffering and (essentially) forgiveness. I pray that these words comfort you if you are in a struggle as you read these words.

God bless you ... KJS ... 2nd June 2020

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